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T-Nation on Home Computer

I frequent T-Nation a lot (I mean a lot), but for some reason, just prior to the long weekend I could not open T-Nation.

Instead I got a message saying the site was down, or my internet connection was fucked, or…

Now, I have cleared the cookies on my HD, my internet connection is running great as well.

I recently DL the newest version of internet explorer (7.0 or something) from the Microsoft website, but had been on T-Nation with the new browser for a week or so before the problem.

I am hoping someone out there can help me with this.

I run Windows XP SP2; I have Symantec anti-virus corporate edition, windows defender, sygate firewall pro that run all the time.

I also periodically (1 time per month) run hijackthis, adware SE, spybot, and PC bug doctor(not as often as the others).

I ran all these scans within the last 5-7 days, and had no problems.

I don’t surf for porn, or DL any porn onto my comp (my GF uses my computer as well, and she doesn’t appreciate me looking at nekid ladies), and haven’t had a trojan or virus for well over a year.

Thanks for any help you guys can offer!


you dont really say what your problem is…

not knowing specifics, 3 things come to mind real quick

  1. I.E 7.0 sux… beta 1 screwed up a bunch of things for me, and i promptly un-installed it.
    (use firefox if your not already it’s much better)

  2. firewall, dunno how you have it configured, but when you cant get out, that’s often the cause

  3. hijak this… that’s a powerful tool and if you dont know what your doing, then you will likely screw something up.

I don’t know if you have the same issue, but sometimes my Internet provider will simply lose my connectivity.

However, the thing I will do to be sure is load other sites, like Google. If nothing comes up, odds are it’s my provider – rarely, but it happens.

So heres what I did.

I used XP to restore my computer to a time when I know T-Nation had worked.

Uninstalled internet explorer, and downloaded Firfox.

Probelm solved!

I thought T-Nation ahd been down this weekend, because I could not connect.

I don’t know what the problem was, but everything is working great now.

Thanks for the responses guys!

Hey Vroom, were/are you a member at www.extremefitness.com

Sorry, I just now saw this. Please try and keep tech support questions in Tech Support. We are able to address them more easily if we only have one place to look.

Yeah, T-Nation has NEVER been down for an entire weekend. Definitely not something on our end.

Glad you got it resolved and are back among us.