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T-Nation on ESPN Page 2


An apparently random shout out to the site in an article called "Don't Believe the Olympic Hype":

"The boys at Testosterone Nation (T-Nation.com, if you must) have known this for some time: Before you go absolving the Olympians who have been nabbed for using Propecia, understand that it has long been known to mask the anabolic steroid nandrolone."

link: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/story?page=keown/060214

Thought the reference to the site in "mainstream" media might be of interest to someone around here.


I guess that means more trolls are coming.


agreed, dammit...


No doubt!


only if we're really, really, lucky


No doubt.... Things are always more pure when kept in secret. Once things hit mainstream it'll get muddied up and watered down.

I hope not.


Maybe the trolls become educated to some extent and start working out properly... isn't that what T-Nation is about?

When I first visited T-Nation I had just realised that HIT might not be the ways to go so I was looking for alternatives...


Troll troll troll troll
Troll troll troll troll

Yay that T-Nation got a mention, but I lay odds that Prof X is correct about the soon-to-be troll infestation


There's a big difference between trolls and newbies


I thought you could transform trolls to actual wieght lifting folks... or to newbies and then start all over...

so, that doesn't work?


Sooo true.


Does this mean I am a newbie because I didn't know Propecia masks nandrolone? And how do you think Tim Keown found T-Nation? I am guessing it popped up on Google...


A troll is a jerkoff who just likes pissing people off. Like KimJong Il.

A newbie is a kid who wants to lift, and thinks he's been doing it the right way, only to come on here and get flamed. But I think alot of times its good for them, and Prof. X will vouch for it.

Its kind of like the Irish and the Scottish. Seems the same, but really are completely different.


I can hear the droves of 140 pounders who wanna cut already...


I'd say that this might have been the reason for all the borderline retarded questions which followed Lowery's latest, but most of those were by people who've been around a while.


You and Rainjack can handle em. I hope.


One wears a dress and the other fucks sheep.


Maybe due to the fact that it is associated with steroids and not training means that not too many will show up.

I got no problems with newbies. Retards, yes. Newbies, no.


I guess to an outsider that reads that, T-Nation is one of those horrid steroid sites now....
(rolls eyes and shakes head)


Testosterone Nation

sounds pretty horrifying, better check it out. Oh dear god, the background... it's all black. and the text... all gold.