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T-Nation Olympia?


had an idea that could be interesting, people competing one on one against each other through webcam videos uploaded here - most people have at least a mobile phone that can take video whilst the majority probably have a webcam - take a 30 second - 1 minute video doing various poses 1 on 1 until we have the T-Nation champ. Any thoughts? just like the real olympia we will have politics as dick riding will no doubt be present...

so what do people think?


so you mean post a posing routine, voted on by members? or coaches?!?





yeah members go through the basics and then its voted on by members or even a panel in the t-cell for voting so a bunch of randoms dont vote for one person?

of course this is only done for bragging rights, not expecting people to cut etc just for some fun


Nut swinging?

Besides, I disagree


I think this is actually pretty doable.


You stole my idea, after someone posted the coleman olympia thread i thought of this the other day, but i had my own idea of how to do it.

Was more, based on stats - BF%, height, weight, measurements, pic - then we rate the "contestants" from 1-100 etc. Then do some comparison posing, hahaha if someone was good at photoshop that would be awesome hahaha. But yeah i reckon its a good idea.

Just below 202 class, and then a heavyweight class:

Below 202: The mighty stu, new damage, dont remember his name (the guy that weighs like 170 but looks 200, and always argues with PX.

Heavyweight: PX, C_C, MODOK, Bauer, WaylanderXX, Austin_Bicep etc.

Do it!


Yeah, I'd love to see all the hawt guys on this board in speedos. Great idea


Modok could actually compete in the 202 and blow both classes away by virtue of having ~20 inch guns at that bodyweight.

The prof, Waylander and I can compete for the "ronnie-coleman-waist-award".
Ok, way is probably going to win that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But maybe he won't, since the rest of us didn't need gear to get our waists that big... That's got to count for something... Yeah. Way is a cheater!


Yeah, Gerdy and I once posed down in the locker room. He bumped into me hitting a side chest...and sorta touched me....then I touched him....then things got complicated..... LMFAO!


The /thread would be if Prisoner came out of the woodwork and humored us, I think.

I can't imagine any of those people wanting to do this, though.


Why is it every time my name is mentioned someone gets called out for "nut hugging"? There is a whole thread about "Caveman" filled with nothing but "the hugging of nuts" and no one called them on it.

Also, why is "nut hugging" a negative? I wouldn't mind my nuts being hugged from time to time as long as it isn't by a dude. Everybody needs a nut hug every now and then just to stay balanced. The cruelest people in the world are that way because they haven't had a nut hugged in years...and that sucks.


I am not sure this would work since many people seem to be very hesitant to even post faceless pics on this forum.


I would have thought that the only reason people dont post there face is if they wanna compete later on, or get sponsorships later, but are using gear.


The reason I post only faceless pics is because of being embarrassed. I have so little muscle mass and am still so fat, it is shameful to post most times; also it does not help that I am ugly.


I'd be down. My good computer/webcam just went kaput, but I could figure something else. Would it be like, mandatories, and a posing routine, or some shit? And pretty sure the leaner guys are gonna win cuz obviously they're gonna look better haha.

Cool idea.


WTF is nut hugging or swinging or whatever :smiley:


Bullshit. I've got that on lock, mutherfucker.


I recon it's all about Insecurity etc etc etc. But hey it's all good I love everybody. Let's hug each other nuts and make random noises while we do so.

Where's Holymac when I need him god damn it?


I would guess that the "nut hugging" comment was in regards to Biceps assertion that it's ridiculous to believe that there is anyone on this board who could possibly rival you in terms of development, and there is no reason to discuss the matter further.