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T-Nation Old Timers


Hey, just wondering where are the T-Nation old-timers? Of late, I haven't seen much activity from the likes of Zeb, Tampa-Terry, Vroom, Phil, Mufasa, ScottL, Tungsten, Galvatron etc.


Do you not read the forums?


You need to get out more mate...or should that be stay in more.

Zeb is listening to the arguments for gay marriage...and might I add people aren't managing to convince Zeb that it is the way to go...I think people just need to make a stronger argument.

Tampa-Terry is going all horticultural on people's arses and wants everyone to plant a goji berry tree and stop global warming while we all get massive.

Vroom can't work out why we are all so mean to each other and why so many of us throw our toys out of the pram every time someone calls us a soy boy.

Phil....don't get me started on Phil he is posting constantly when he should really just be focusing on organising the greatest 'Test Fest' of 2006 in DC.

Mufasa is currently enthralled in the size of T-Nation which we are all realising is actually the size of a small planet and the effect we feel from the supplements are actually gravitational.

ScottL is shooting me down in flames and accusing me of being a premature advocater...which is better than what I am normally accused of.

Tungsten is worried about awkward social silences.

Galvatron has been crushed by life itself and is too lazy to even argue anymore...which is very sad.


Has anyone seen Chints?


Well, good to know that Prof X is still here :slight_smile:


OH, it's you!


good research!


You can find me, wideguy, nate dogg, sabrina, throttle, apayne, bastard and any of the other resident t-pervs over in the sex and male animal section. Most of us just call it home now.



You need to start another one of those wicked ass-worship threads.


I am nothing if not thorough.