t-nation of DENVER (area)

ok denverites, heres our thread. i have an idea of how we can all get together (possibly this weekend), so just post if you are living in or near denver.

I live in SE suburbs of Denver.

I live in Colorado Springs! Let me know what’s going down!

Hey JC, I am in. Although I am in Fort Collins right now at CSU, I live in Denver. Hopefully I can roll with the Denver T-nation some time. Keep me posted!

i was thinking we could all get together this weekend, at where better, but a gym. well, i should call it a weight room, because its a room, and it has weights in it, and thats about it. musclejeff–any way you could come home this weekend? if not dont worry about it, but i have some ideas.

Whatever y’all decide, let me know by COB Friday or I’ll not be able to make it. Did I happen to mention how it sucks not having a computer at home? C’mon November, c’mon November…how fucking long does it take to build a damn computer?!

jc–i know exactly where your place is. i could stop by there around noonish on saturday if you want.

hey guys, i definetely will stop by on saturday. i too live in the lakewood area (near jeffco stadium), so its only about a 5 minute drive for me. is anyone else from the forum gonna be there?

go to this website: www.johnberardi.com/updates/ sep272002/na_budgeting.htm. scroll down to the bottom, tell eric cressey you want to contact jesse cohen, and he will give you my email address.

karma–how does saturday, around noon at my gym on colfax and simms sound? get my email address from eric cressey (the website above) and let me know.

You’ll should all just meet at Biotest headquarters. Get in a workout and then make the t-mag staff pay for the keg and food afterwards!

I live in Gunnison, which is about four hours from Denver but I would love to meet some of you guys and get in a workout sometime.

JC#10, I’m up in Ft. Collins, I’d be there, but I have prior plans this weekend. So you’ll have to slap on a few extra plates for me.

Dogboy and I would love to get together with everyone, but we’re slated to clear an apartment out this weekend. Any chance you could schedule something down the road? Two thumbs up on going down to the Springs and getting T-mag to host the get-together and buying the suds. But just let us know a little more in advance on the next one.

I am in the springs let me know whats up

well there are a few of us getting together this saturday at my gym, if not, dont worry about it, we’ll have plenty of other times to eat some protein and hit the iron. check out that website above to get my email address, give me a holler, and ill try to schedule something where everyone can make it.

Hey guys, I’m in fort collins and denver, it would be cool to get to meet some of you, so i’ll try and stay up on the thread.