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T-Nation Newbie


First and foremost, greets to everyone here! I stumbled upon T-Nation a few months back when I decided I was tired of being an extremely fat and out of shape bastard and have mainly lurked around reading any and all articles I could find here, all amazing I might add.

My main goal is/was to lose body fat, as I had it stored in plenty. I'll toss some quick stats of myself to give y'all an idea of where I'm coming from

Age: 25
Weight: 291
BF%: 32

Age: 26
Weight: 244
BF%: 20

My current long term goals are to get to and keep my BF% at around 15%. I still have another 10lbs or so of body fat that are proving quite hard to lose(all of it sitting in my gut, big suprise.)

My diet consists of lean protein and complex carbs and not much else. If it's not ~clean~ I don't go near it.

As far as supplements go I take Omega 3, multi vitamins, protein shakes, and this week started taking a Creatine stack as I'm trying to shred as much as possible at this point in time.

As for my workout, right now I lift 3 days a week, usually M/W/F and do heavier cardio on T/TH/Sat. I work a split rotation, A B A B A ..etc...

Workout A.
Barbell Bench
Bent over barbell row
Good mornings
Overhead Press
Arnold Press
Incline dumbell press
Incline fly
Upright row
Dumbell press
Wide grip pulldown
Close grip pulldown

Workout B,
Legg press
Machine bicep curl
Machine tricep pushdown
preacher curls
skull crushers
hammer curls
seated wrist curls
reverse barbell preacher curls

I've been on this routine for about 2 months now, it seems to be working well but I'm sure I can do better and am looking into switching the routine up completely soon.

Anyway, thats me in a small nutshell. Good to meet y'all!


Your workouts must take forever. Seriously if you do all those movements in one workout, I have to doubt the intensity of your workouts. Also as a big AD supporter I'd be remiss not to remind you to get your dietary fats(and yes that includes saturated)


I'd be switching up the routine every 3-4 weeks as to keep giving the body a new stimulus, especially with your goals.


You gotta ditch that retarded ass workout, read lots of the old articles here by the authors, and start anew.