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T-Nation National Anthem


Every great nation has its own anthem, except the citizens of T. Which is why I have taken the liberty of selecting a song for us. I think there's something for all of us to identify with in the lyrics. Check them out. Remember them. Recite them. Shout this shit next time you get pulled over by a cop, or standing in a long line at the store. You'll know when the times right to just let it loose and go punk rock to blow up the whole block!

I drink I smoke I fuck
My kind we fight in the club
I mix up that vodka with the chronic and I feel that love
I dream I work I bleed
I say things that I don't really mean
I'm not into Jailbait but my girlfriends only 17
Can I hit that can I rip that can I lick that Can I get that from behind
I'm murdering and stabbing so much vag I'm wanted for vagaside
Im living a life of sin, no I don't have any friends
Now the rain is coming and I'm running from myself again

I feel this darkness coming over me
Its taking over me
Now you can rest in pieces
By the time the sun goes down
Now brotha you can rest in pieces

Lets ride yeah everybody gonna die
Fuck the world brotha aint nobody getting out alive
Lets ride motherfucker we all gonna die
We already dead ain't nobody getting out

I paint a picture thats perfect so you can see what Im saying
I state it perfectly clearly so that you know I aint playing
Cause I dont give a fuck about you or that shit that youre saying
Because you caught up in the matrix you blind you sleeping hommie
I dream I work I bleed I say things that I dont really mean
But mostly when I drink too much and I'm smoking too much kush and
Im under too much pressure I think I think too much
I cant find my piece of mind I feel like I'm losing touch

I feel this darkness coming over me
I cant take it I cant escape all this hating
Its my turn Im retaliating now
By the time the sun goes down
I know you feel me brotha, you feel me brotha

Lets ride yeah everybody gonna die
Fuck the world brotha aint nobody getting out alive
Lets ride motherfucker we all gonna die
We already dead aint nobody getting out

So throw your guns up playa and raise em up high
Its a revolution you know we cant be denied
Its T-Nation homie we born to ride
This a motherfuckin gang and we down for life
Lets ride all day all night
Lets ride it's dead or alive
Lets ride everybody gonna die
Fuck the world brotha aint nobody getting out

Now I wont stop I just rock and I battle your whole clique
You a homo you a trick silly faggot ass bitch
I expose that dirty bitch for the hoe that she is
Make her cry make her thighs twitch then cum on her tits
Im a rock I'm a roll Im a shock to your soul
When I flow dudes know Im like whoa Come on though
Every note that I wrote will make you jump out your throat
On that high oh so high so I don't know where the time goes

I try to do right and I cant figure out
Why I get schizo and psycho I go Jeckle to Hyde
Its these voices inside its that darkness above me
Makes me turn away from good to bad then to ugly
Thats why drugs seem so lovely like a way to escape
All this ugliness above me how much more can we take
Till we break and we take back the world from these fake motherfuckers
I hate big brother

uh do you think it's too late?


The alternate A

Alternate B


Uh huh. Like, the bizarro world T-Mag maybe.


Dude. You're fucking hard.


Maybe if T-Nation was mainly 16 years old. Are you going to link to Insane Clown Posse lyrics next?


oh god... why?


Nah man, nah.

This is the only anthem for the hardcore!

I have to think up a good one for the T-Vixens, brb.






This dude kills a giant crab monster with a boulder, and the power of their rocking saves their spaceship from a giant octopus. That's fuckin ALPHA man.


We be rollin' in a gang bitch! How can you not love this song?

Come on man, seriously? Get a life and stop pretending online


Nope, I found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hi6yfgOclw


I always thought "Live for This" by Hatebreed would be appropriate....


class of 09 comes through with a winner!


Mate read "The INTELLIGENT and relentless pursuit of muscle"


I think we should consult the board of directors before making such brash declarations, B rock.


Its been done, whatever.



You know what we should do? T-Nation forum awards. Like every years

The most respected poster
The most hated
the most liked
the funniest
The worst troll
worst douche

now that would be a good idea


What about most awesome? I'm a shoe-in for that one.



Thats the anthem of T-Nation. Its what sets T-Men and T-Women apart: A fuck the world I am in charge attitude.