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[quote]t officer wrote:
I can’t spray in 1st because the lack of traction.

Yea… the Camaro has a delay box + 3 stage fogger. It’s pretty tweaked down so that it gets a launch then starts spraying. I think those jets you see in the picture are a 250 shot, but those are probably going to end up on the Nova with a 300-500 shot on the Camaro.

[quote]Easy E wrote:
Now i got a 2001 Lexus is300 which DEF has plenty of balls, but not like my stang damnit.[/quote]

Turbo it :slight_smile:

[quote]powerhouse reno wrote:
900-1,000 horses of big block chevy through a turbo 400 with a 5,500 stall converter.
George [/quote]

Fuckin proper there man. Gotta update us when that’s complete. I guess this is a track only car, with a stall/build up list like that? We builts our cars to, as my mechanic put it “drive them from the shop to the strip, set the records, and drive them home” :wink:

[quote]lostinthought wrote:
it is currently getting painted as we speak! I’m so excited! :slight_smile: [/quote]

Post some pics when you get it out. If you can get some of those brand-new-paint-job pics they look killer.

eclypse - No your right it pulls hard the whole track I just didn’t stop smoking the tires till I hit 3rd gear and that was about 1/2 track. I don’t have my slips with me but I remember my 60’ time was freaking awful, My Dad was in the stands and said It looked like I was power braking it on take off because as soon as I dumped the brake and floored the gas the rear end went squirrely and smoke started pouring.

I was having too much to let out of it so I just got her straight and kept going. I figure its good for a good 12.50 if I can get it too hook.

[quote]t officer wrote:
In 2001 I bought a 2000 Camaro SS which I have to this day. It’s a heads and cam car, high stall converter which runs consistent late 11’s on 17" drag radials. Looks completely stock on the outside. With a 100 shot of nitrous I’ve run a best of 11.36 at 122 mph. I can’t spray in 1st because the lack of traction. My goal is to see 10’s on the stock 17 inch wheels. I’ll try and post some pics later on today.


This is what almost made me sell my 'stang. The LS1’s and 2’s are just such bad cars when you throw the right parts on them. Not to mention '03-'04 Cobra’s, and the really fast imports (not some non V-Tech civic with a fart can and 400 lbs of stereo crap). I found it hard to stay loyal to my little 302. I’m almost ready for a blower and then I feel I’ll be making some respectable power but also getting near the limits of the stock block.