T-Nation Muscle...Cars!

I’m on my 3rd damn year of this Nova because I travel so much. It usually ends up being a weekend or less every 4 months because I’m never in town, but I figured I’d kick this off and see what the rest of you guys have out there.

This pic:

Is a 72/74 Nova (74 rear end) with a 355, but at the time of the pics, it didnt have an engine. In fact neither car did at the time of that pic. The Camaro has a 406 sbc: over 800hp NA/over 1000 sprayed. My Nova is far more modest… between 4 and 500, maybe 600 sprayed (dont have the fogger on yet). I have a 400 block I’m going to build up though, so I probably wont bother with spraying this one.

So T-Nation’ers, what muscle rides do you guys have?

Damn… have you ever taken the camaro to the track?

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Damn… have you ever taken the camaro to the track?[/quote]

We only have a 1/8th locally. We took it not long after getting the engine fired up, it ran a 6.56, which pretty much sucks for that car. We’re anticipating it’ll hit 5.8’s (high 8’s in the 1/4) when we’re completely done. That’s my good friend/mechanic’s car. Its horrifying.

My Nova’s only seen the street so far, but that’ll change this summer. Anticipating low 11’s or high 10’s on it. Not stellar, but there’s a LOT of room for improvements other than the new block.

Camaro’s engine, before completion obviously. Nice and perty there. We’ve since caught it on fire and blown every fluid imaginable all over it :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… 70’ Baracuda… Shall I make a video??

No pics available,

I have a 72 Chevy truck, 383 stroker, turbo 350, nice and clean had this truck for 10 years slowly started a resto on it when I was in high school.

I love this thing.

Sold one similair to it about 3 years ago that was 4 wheel drive excellent shape.

I love old cars and trucks

I have an 86’ S10 w/ 355, TH350 & 373 posi. Best 1/4 mile time of 13.38 Smokin 'em to half track though. Its no beast on the track but its alot of fun around town.

We (husband and I) have a couple. Let’s see…

Just sold my '66 Nova 327, M21

Still have
'54 Willys Aerolark - mine(bonus points for anyone who even knows what that is),
'58 Ranchero - ours (in progress)
'67 Cougar 302, fully optioned - mine
'70 Torino convert 429CJ, C6,(1 of 19) - ours
'94 Mustang 5.0 convert - his
'99 Mustang Cobra convert - my daily driver
'86 5.0 RS Capri t-top (1 of 282) - his

Also have
'80 HD FXE - his
'76 HD custom (my avatar) - mine
'98 Suzuki Bandit 1200 - his
'01 Suzuki GSX - mine

Maybe I should join a support group or something. Serious addiction here.


hah damn shovelhead. I have a gixxer 1k waiting on me when I get back home (no its not my first bike). Katana’s arent bad though. Not like you NEED what a gixxer does :slight_smile:

Joshua: thats kind of odd on a 373 gearing that you’re strong til half track… on my 411 gearing I’d have the same issue on a 1/4 track (only 1/8 nearby remember) but it seems a 373/383 gearing would let you go the whole way?

I forgot to mention tranny’s… Powerglide in the Camaro, Fairbanks in the Nova. TH350’s rock.

Musclebuilding: hell yea man. Cuda’s are getting pretty rare in the muscle scene around where I am.

[quote]eclypse wrote:
Not like you NEED what a gixxer does :slight_smile:

0-100+ in as fast as you have the balls? Hoo yeah. Nothin’ like it and boy do I need it.

Great cars everyone!

Just sold my 31 buick on Ebay two months ago. I also had a 62 chevy II, full cage and back halved, mini tubbed…Traded that for a 71 Vette…sold the Vette so I can focus on my baby.

My baby is a 71 Chevelle I’ve had since I was 16. I’ve built it two or three times. It currently has a 350 bored .60 over, 13:1 compression, 2.02 camel back heads, noisey gear drive…The rear end is a full spool, 12 bolt with 4.56 gears…The best part is, it is currently getting painted as we speak! I’m so excited! :slight_smile:

All I can do is laugh and think of how badly I would get flamed for tossin up pictures of my Subaru. ha ha ha

I am building a 58 chevy apache truck for Super Gas. The back half is tubbed and 18.5x15 hoosiers sit on 15x15 weld wheels. 12 point roll cage and 900-1,000 horses of big block chevy through a turbo 400 with a 5,500 stall converter. Hopefully it will be done at the begining of next year. If you love drag racing, especially pro- street style you have to check out these sites. Dragtruck.com, and goracing.com.


I had to get rid of my baby…:*(

I had a Black 96’ Mustang GT with only 55K on it. I got it stock and added in:

-Chrome Cobra R Rims on Low Pro Tires
-2" drop kit
-Cat back Flomaster exhaust
-Back AND Front Blackout Lights
-Short Throw Ripper Shifter
-K&N Intake
-Chip good for another 10-15 HP
-20% Window Tint

This car was COMPLETE black on the outside except for the rims. Could easily keep burnging the rubber thru second gear and managed to get a “chirp” going into third. The most i got it up to was 125 in fourth gear, i was getting nervous at that point.

Now i got a 2001 Lexus is300 which DEF has plenty of balls, but not like my stang damnit.

I’ll have to work on getting some pics up. I started out as a Chevy guy back in high school with an '86 Monte Carlo. I pulled out the 305 and in went a mild 355 with a TH350 ( mild converter and shift kit) and 3.73’s in the stock rear. I learned alot about changing ring and pinions and spider gears because any traction and the rear came apart.

Then I moved onto 5.0 Mustangs. Cliche yes but it was the early 90’s and I was impressionable. Plus girls liked that it wasn’t too loud, had a nice stereo, and A/C is always nice.
i’ve gone through 4 'stangs since then. Some have been rowdier then others but all were modified to some degree. My current one is an '89 LX. I’m the second owner and I bought it for my 30th birthday. It’s a stock bottom end (85K) with Edelbrock heads, GT-40 intake, and a Lunati cam. With 4.10’s she is pretty strong. I’ve never had her to the track, since the nearest one is in Jersy, but in some imprompt street action she has pulled some modded LS1’s and eaten alot of rice. If I had to guess I’d say low to mid 12’s.

In 2001 I bought a 2000 Camaro SS which I have to this day. It’s a heads and cam car, high stall converter which runs consistent late 11’s on 17" drag radials. Looks completely stock on the outside. With a 100 shot of nitrous I’ve run a best of 11.36 at 122 mph. I can’t spray in 1st because the lack of traction. My goal is to see 10’s on the stock 17 inch wheels. I’ll try and post some pics later on today.

I’ve also owned a modded stang before.

[quote]Mr ian wrote:
All I can do is laugh and think of how badly I would get flamed for tossin up pictures of my Subaru. ha ha ha[/quote]

I wouldn’t worry about it. We have some damn fast WRX’s around here. A number of guys running 11’s on street tires. That’s respectable!

[quote]Mr ian wrote:
All I can do is laugh and think of how badly I would get flamed for tossin up pictures of my Subaru. ha ha ha[/quote]

I dunno. My '92 SVX was quick and handled like a dream. Just couldn’t keep the tranny intact. I think the AZ heat was too much for it. So, no flame from me.

Not a muscle car but here’s an example of my Dad’s car, a 1960 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Ours is black on grey and in need of a total restoration. We’re gonna bag it, stuff the biggest wheels we can fit under it, shave the door handles/locks, custom interior, and put a LOUD stereo in it. Still unsure of the drive train, either a supercharged/turboed Northstar or a 500 ci mildly modified big block Caddy motor.

In the past I’ve had:

1988 Mustang GT…all the usual bolt on’s, big stereo, Saleen wing, custom wheels, new paint, never seen the snow, etc… Totaled it, other drivers fault.

1978 Chevy Z28… not an IROC, but close enough for this paison. Paint changed colors, mild drivetrain upgrades, all body panels customized, t-tops, nice stereo etc… Sold it at a 50% loss.

1986 Olds 442… One of my favorite cars looks wise, maroon/silver w/ maroon interior. It had exhaust, K&N air filter, some other mild performance upgrades. Had big plans for it but most of it fell through and I sold it. Sold it at a 75% loss.

My father had a couple cars that he wished he’d kept:

1966 Olds 442 W-30 package. It was his first car, bought brand new, and he didn’t realize that they only made 54 w-30’s. His was even more rare as it was almond on black with a THREE speed from the factory. We can only IMAGINE how much that car would be worth today.

1969 Olds Cutlass… I think it was red with a black vinyl top, black interior. It had a 350 OLDS w/ an automatic, power steering, brakes, nice wheels, and some other stuff.