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T Nation Members in Georgia: Gyms Reopening Soon

I was wondering how you guys are going to respond to your gyms opening up soon?
Will you return day 1? Will you wait it out to see what happens ? I feel that other states will be watching you guys closely to see what happens.
This will be test for the nation.

South Carolina started today. I wonder how that’s going to go?

This is going to be interesting. Some parts of my state(Texas) are also starting to open up. As much as I want to go back I think I’m gonna wait at least 2 weeks before I do to see what happens. Not sure how they can practice social distancing?

I would wait 2-3 weeks after any sort of re-opening. My body can handle it.

That’s my plan also. My home workouts are actually going better than I expected so I’m in no rush.

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I wonder how many folks are in the same boat. I’m in Seattle. First in, so to speak, and not in a hurry to re-open. Every week I become that much more accustomed to my makeshift home set-up, as well.

My commercial gym is only five minutes away, so I’ll definitely go back once it’s open. I’m planning on giving it 30-45 days after the open to see how things go. If worst comes to worst, I’m thinking I can just do my heavy work at the gym and still do my bodybuilding work at home in the garage to minimize my potential exposure.

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Texas gyms open tomorrow at 25% capacity I think. How many of my fellow Texans will be there day 1?
As I said before, I’m gonna wait a bit even though I really miss it and it’s very tempting.