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T-Nation Member's Dream Test?


Well, I just got a review guide for my anatomy class. On it is four questions in which we need to know about in-depth enough to write at least a paragraph. Keep in mind, this is a normal, biology student's anatomy class, nothing really applied to sports necessarily. But on the review sheet, one question was:

When an Olympic lifter attempts a lift and comes to his chest but fails and allows the weight to hit the ground, what has happened to the lifter physiologically?

Thank you T-Nation for providing the answers for tests in college!


I had A+P this semester. So I'd probably write abotu the urinary system because that was the only lab quiz I actually did well on. If this is just basic A+P then I really wouldn't want to mess with more advanced muscle physiology. My 4 cents. (More than 2 but less than fitty cent!)


So how did you answer the question? I would say that quite a bit has happened physiologically, wouldn't you? Regardless wether he completed the lift or not the same basic organic chemical reactions occured. Do you think that the completion of a lift would have a much different effect other than on the neurochemistry?

Anyway here is a picture of me at that point. I'm definitely feeling the physiology there!


The answer was he was to weak to lift the weight.


I'd say that he got scared.

As my Olympic lifting buddies always said in training, "If you can pull the bar to your chest, you can get under it."

So, you're either A) Scared or B) Too slow to get under it.


We didn't have the test yet, but the exam deals with the nervous system, so I have to address the question from that perspective of course. Of course, if it were a couple word answer, I'd just put, "neuromuscular failure."

To the other two posts, yea, I thought about putting something that the person was scared or weak, but it is a grade I'm dealing with.


Do your own work, I had to!


I'm not asking for answers from the forum. I just thought when I read that question more classes should be geared toward everyday uses or approaches and athletics sometimes. At times, classes focus too much on the subject matter, but say nothing about a real world approach.


My dream test is sustanon.

Wait...wrong test...


Everyday life!! That's why I say talk about the urinary system. Everybody pees everyday.


He didn't throw his elbows hard enough. He may not have gotten his center of gravity under the bar because he didn't move foward into the bar. He didn't drop far enough. Hell, maybe he doesn't have enough flexibility to catch the bar. Or you could be a smart ass and say that he's a pussy and he should buck up.