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T Nation Member In 'Da House


I had the awesome pleasure to chat it up today with a visitor to my little gym. A fellow T Nationite. Oh yeah. Seth.Miracle was in the gym and noticed my container of Plazma up on the shelf in the office area.

He was going on and on about how wonderful Plazma was and my ears picked up the word Plazma. He was telling another member about it and said "if you want a great workout product take what they have up on the shelf". I immediately jumped into the conversation and we chatted for the next hour.

He loves Plazma and I mentioned how I got started with Indigo-3G. He said he'll have to jump on that when he gets back home to Tennessee.

He was shocked about finding someone in a little tiny place like Hilo that is all T-Nationed up. LMAO.

Loved chatting T-Nation with him.

Mahalo for your great products.


Hey Tanya

Like I told you I never thought I would find a T-Nation member/ Biotest user in Hilo Hawaii! It was really great talking with you and the guys, I've found my gym in my second home! Best of luck in Vegas, I'm cheering for you!


That's fantastic.

I've seen a few shirts and products around over the years. I remember losing my shit over a guy wearing a T-Nation shirt on a televised Arena Football League game once.


I've had people spot the various t-shirts over the years and approach me, but what always made me chuckle was when someone would recognize my 64 oz Nalgene bottle obviously filled with Plazma .



I just realized I could have shared the T-Nation Dead-Squat bar with you while you were visiting. If you make it in on Thursday for Legs I will break it out for you.


Aloha Stu,

That is definitely worthy of a few chuckles.