T-Nation Map

Hey everyone, I just started a frapper map for all of T-Nation to get on. It will be a good way to see just where everyone in the world is who are fellow T-Nationers. It also might be useful so that we can plan get togethers and other such nonsense. Also for any of the top dogs who run seminars and other such BS feel free to sign up also and plan your events around densly populated T-Nation habitats. Please sign up everyone. Thanks!


great idea, I’m added

Guys, remember to use your avatar on the map also!



I added myself, good idea.

cool, I’m in.

Already up to 18, lets try to get 50 by the end of the day.


AZ’s on the map!

OK now we are at 27! we may have to up the ante to 100 for day 1. we’ll get to 50 by noon!


I am in

Husky Nation is represented!

I’m there, just west of Vegita.

I’m added

Cool idea Vegita.

In typical double click fashion I added myself twice.

Vegita, feel free to delete one of me.

Oh yeah, look to Northwestern Ohio to find me.


I’m added! I’m the only other New Hampshire person. :frowning: But I’m only 1 hour away from deanec.

What gym do you go to bro?

I’m in. Looks like we got a few in Southeast Tx.

Nice response guys, 44 and it’s 11:40, can we get 6 more in by noon? Hey TC and the rest of you slackers, Feel free to put yourself or even headquarters on the map. Just don’t be surprised if me and some of the boys show up at your house one night at 4:00 am with a couple bottles of jack and some drunk strippers.


Just added myself as well. Man, it’s pretty bleak in Europe right now. Although Australia is completely empty as of 2 mins ago. Get on it, Aussies!

And if this gets past the mods, it makes 500 posts on this site with next to nothing of import actually said.

I’m in!

I’m on. Great idea!

Wo hooo! looks like the eastern half of the US is runnin strong with T-blood. You out west folks need to get on the horse you’re getting shown up.

54 peeps on the map!