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T-Nation Magazine?


Let me bluntly just say that T-Nation has given me the most information i've ever wanted about the bbing world. Every newsletter i receive, i learn something new and incorporate it in my training regime. but that same thing questions me...

why not create a T-Nation magazine? If u guys come up with WEEKLY articles, imagine what u guys can do when puting them in a magazine. I would love nothing else but to see the articles u guys post in a magazine. it would b such a good idea! Imagine the possibilites...


I think they used to have it, and I remember someone else asking about this months ago.

I think they stopped producing them in stores, but still offered them by mail, but I think they stopped that too...I think.


i used to get the old magazine. anyone remember when the website was T-Mag?


They lost money on every issue they printed. So they stopped. I'm glad I get it here for free.


I remember when I found this site way back in the day around Oct time frame of '98 and it went by the name of www.testosterone.com, muscle with attitude.

There did used to be a printed magazine, but I think I remember them saying that they(Biotest, T-Nation); and us for that matter, are better off with internet version of T-Nation. More cost effective. Go get a couple reams of paper and print to your hearts content.


Ive got one of the originals in my closet. I bust it out once in a while. By the way this place was once called "T-Mag." I still type www.t-mag.com into my browser when I come here.


I've got some issues that I found in Barnes & Noble. The paper magazine largely reproduced the articles that were appearing on the website anyway, and was simply a different way of reaching new people.

Although I still enjoy paper and print, this IS the 21st Century, and thousands of people find their way to this site every month without Biotest spending money and time producing a superfluous version of the site.

It wouldn't be better than what you've got right here, boys.