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T-Nation (MA)

Any T-men in the sprinfield, MA area hit me up. Also, my hometown is East Haven,CT suberb of New Haven. We gotta get some CT and MA people together. Let me know

I’m a Mainer, but I was at school at Babson for two years before I transferred. I’m game for any Boston-area stuff.

just one…come on there’s gotta be somemore t-men around my area…i dont want to resort to brainwashing to convince people that t-life is the only life.

I’m in grad school at Tufts. Boston area activites, so long as they’re T-accessible (no pun intended), are guaranteed to have moi in attendance.

I assume you’re at Springfield College, right? You can fire me off an email with the address at the bottom of my article here:

www.johnberardi.com/updates/ sep272002/na_budgeting.htm

Killingworth, Ct!!!

Bump for New Englanders. (New Yawkers need not apply).