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T-Nation Logo


I was wondering what the meaning behind the T-Nation Logo is. If I understand it correctly, T = Testosterone, and the other symbol behind it is... "Yin-Yang" ??? I'm just curious. Thanks


I think it's a conglomeration of the initials of the Holy Trinity; Tim Patterson, TC, and Chris Shugart. It could just be me, but, I can make out the letters "T", "P", "C", and "S".


i think we need some breasts in it somehow. Big ones too.




I recall from a previous thread that the T-Nation logo was very similar to the logo for the prison gang known as the Texas Syndicate.

So if you're in a Texas prison, it could mean Texas Syndicate. For us out here or at least to me, it means T-Nation; never really gave it much thought as to what the letters really meant.



Yes..yes we do!