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T-Nation Live Chat?


Hey guys I surf around a few other forums and one of them has a live chat where members can go in and discuss anything. I was thinking that maybe T-Nation could do something like that, now before you say it would just waste bandwith hear me out. For one it would keep all the threads with small questions to a minimum as noobs (like moi)can go in ask the question, get a quick answer from some experienced members and get out. Two it would be a great place to socially mentor some of the noobies who come on here eager to learn and full of questions. Three I think it would be a great way for members to get to know each other better as they don't have to sift through people's posts to know what they're all about.

Lots of members surf this website and I think it would be a great way to bring people together and have some very interesting discussions and learn in real time. Just throwing it out there, what do you guys and gals think?



lol, yeah, a chatroom where it takes 20 mins for a post to show up would be awesome.


I think it would be cool, so that I can tell people to go fuck themselves in real time!!

Imagine the possibilities!!


Or you can get hit on at an even speedier rate. We don't have to wait with bated breath for the naked pictures to arrive in a pm.


T-Nation does have a live chat function but you have to start it up and invite the members you want to have in the chat. I got invited one time by some retard who was just checking to see if it worked. Needless to say it was a little awkward when I got there and he had nothing to say.


I think it's a great idea, but based on past forum-chatroom experiances, it would need a pretty regular user base


We could just set up an IRC channel.


Fucking this.

OMG how awesome would it be to hurt feelings and trample dreams in real time?


I just tried to invite you to see if it was working, but it didn't work.


They briefly had a live chat feature, but it was removed because it was slowing the stie down a hell of a lot and their were issues with it (I believe).

Last I heard they were still working on this.

Where the hell has tech support gone?


except T-Nation doesnt even let you know who's online...so the idea is kind of retarded to invite people

we should just use an AIM or MSN room and call it T-Nation


You're hot.


Hell, you, PMPM and Court would take over the damn thing:) But, it would be very entertaining to see, though.


I'm so turned on right now.


Would be too hard for them to moderate id say, never happen.


why would it need to be moderated?


I dunno, for the same reason that the site does i guess?

Person A - Hey guys whats up with the new Biotest xyz supp?

Person B - Fucking sux, waste of money.

Person A - Ok, cool, ill know not to buy it.


i've been trying to look at Alpha's log but nothing is pulling up. Anybody else had that problem?




the easiest way... Then the mods can add a T-Nation Chat page on this website that will link to the irc channel using java.... easy, so people wouldn't have to physically download IRC...