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T-Nation Joiner's Test


In light of recent posts by those claiming to seek advice in determining things like:
a. body fat's proportion to shoe size
b. modeling potential
c. lowering body fat when they're already in single digits (the anorexic bitches)
d. looking for the miracle drug that helps them get muscular without using any effort
...the list goes on
I think there should be a joiner application/test for those wishing to post on T-Nation, you know, to weed out those not serious about doing what it takes to achieve their true goals. Let's compile a list of questions together. Here, I'll start us off

You're ultimate goal is to:
a. build muscle no matter how much I have to eat
b. build muscle without worrying too much about protein intake and fat intake, after all, fat just makes you fat.
c. get chizzled abs and biceps by doing squat-rack curls, constant sit-ups and plenty of long-distance running
d. da-da-da
Anyone in on this feel free to join in. Yes, I do mean to sound like a whiner but someone has to set some standards.
Il Don