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T-Nation Jobs Thread


I dont know if its just me but I constantly see guys posting and they mention here and there how they are looking for work.

I also notice a lot of guys who run businesses here (owners and managers etc) and I was thinking maybe this could be a good way to hook some people up with jobs and hook some well established people with new hands.

So if anyone is looking for work and if anyone is looking for someone to fill a vacancy and you're a T-Nation member why not let this post be sort of the resume postings and openings post?

I hope this helps some brother out.



Looking for good people in MA who are interested in Cellular Sale. Wireless Advocates a nationwide company that sells Sprint T-Mobile and Verzizon is looking for motivated people to join there staff within the Costco warehouses throughout MA NH and VT.

We offer hourly plus comission and bonuses, monthly sales contests as well as medical dental and vision. Also on a side note the Dedham location is 2 blocks away from a gym. Anyone interested please feel free to PM me.


Here in the next month we'll be looking to add an assistant strength coach for myself at Custom Athletics. When I know more details, I will let you all know.

Stay strong


Hey, good timing!
I'm currently looking for a systems installation job in Upstate NY.

4 years in the Navy as a Cryptologic Technician, and 6 months at BAE Systems as a Production Opperator in Virginia.

I like to install/troubleshoot just about any kind of equipment.

I'm also up for any experiments any of the strength coaches want to do with how well their routines work.

I'll even get back out of shape for a good 'before' picture :wink:

Chad? Charles? Christian? Any others? I'm open!


Mike, I'm based out of Bloomington/Indianapolis, but I would love to work for you!

C.P.T, and C.C.S (NSPA) my lifts are currently class 3 status according to the old USAPL listings, I also have extensive knowledge working with athletes, especially in sport specific settings.

What kind of work would an assistant strength coach entitle?


Basically they are going to help me with the big groups, as well as taking on athlete/general pop clients of their own. Eventually, our division will solely be working with athletes.

If you'd like, you can send your resume to my mikerob022@yahoo.com e-mail address and I'll forward it on to the necessary people. Thanks!

Stay strong


we could use another industrial designer in the styling dept. at Buell Motorcycle Co.
you'll get 20% off all HD and Buell bikes and merchandise!!!!!


Wish I could apply for that position, Mike. Got another year on the degree, unfortunately :-/

If you happen to know anyone in the middle of PA who's looking for someone, though...





I have an opening for a Flight Data Analyst (FDA) in our Flight Operations department. The FDA position is assigned in our Dispatch Center in West Plains, Mo. The work schedule is 7 on/7 off performing 12 hour shifts, alternating day and night hitches.

Housing is available for commuting employees. You will provide our staff pilots with a range of aeronautical information to assist them with performance of the company EMS mission as if you were a virtual copilot.

A helicopter EMS pilot background is essential and successful management experience at the base level or above is the skill level we expect. You need not have a current FAA Medical Certificate to apply.

This is an interactive key position, in cooperation with dispatch personnel, to achieve efficient transportation of critical care patients by our crews.

A. Commercial Helicopter Pilot Certificate (or evidence you held the rating)
B. Five years EMS background
C. Three years experience as a base manager, lead pilot or equivalent
D. Knowledge of aviation dispatch procedures
E. Demonstrate real-time skills to assist other pilots with weather advisories
F. Above average user level computer skills
G. Salary dependent on experience


Hey, if you need some consulting to help you either customize or develop a series of strategic enterprise class Internet applications, I'm your freelance consultant!

No, I won't help you put up your home page and family pictures... :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm always on the lookout for more business. If anybody living in MD or VA needs a loan, PM me!


If you need anyone to sit in the office and post stoopid sh!t on T-Nation all damn day, I'm your guy!

Actually, I lied ... about the all day part ... I can only work from 10 to 4. At most 3 days per week. And I take a minimum of 2 hours for lunch.

PM if interested.

I look forward to this opportunity to waste your organization's bandwidth, accomplish next to nothing, and have all kinds of mad sex with your 19 year old daughter.



The Bastard Fuck Guy is genius!!!!



Hey if anyone is looking for people in the Dallas area, i have good buddy who will be moving down here soon and is looking for work.


Hey, I am a partner of a productions co. We are growing and may need to find a couple of DJ's in the Dallas area. We DJ weddings, proms, parties, corp parties, apt functions and after prom parties. We are powered by BOSE audio. So if anyone is looking for a DJ for any of the above please PM me and I will let you know more about what we provide. Also, check our web site www.mobilemixdj.com


What a sweet idea. Im the metro detroit area, and Im always looking to make more money. Anyone got something going on, PM me.


I have a contact for a long term contract position in New Jerrsy. They are looking for an engineering designer to design enclosures for the security sector. No degree is necessary, but a strong knowedge of AutoCAD or Mechanical Desktop is required. If you are interested PM me for the contact information.



Short version of a resume:

Dan McVicker

RKC (Russian Kettlebell) certified, willing and able to pick up more than one other certification at your request and behest.

Graduated with a Philosophy degree from the University of Colorado in December of 2003 and I haven't done anything worth writing home about since then (managed several retail operations--lame). I'm looking to break into the "Fitness Industry".

This is a bit of a misnomer, as I have been training clients since 2003. I am looking to be hired to work at someone's gym/training center (preferably in Colorado... I like it here) who is like-minded and not running a freaking Curves or a hydro-aerobics/Yogalates center. In other words, I'd like to take something I'm doing part-time and do it full-time.

Besides training, I am also capable with words. This means that I can copy-edit, spell, type over 50 words a minute, answer phones without being too much of a smartass, and rock your tiny little Scrabble world. And Boggle? Forget about it.

This is more a request for information than anything else. If anyone has any recommendations (contacts to call, thoughts about certifications to pursue, advice and/or flames) please PM me.

To ascertain my level of expertise, please see my past posts. (You can do this by searching for my name, and then clicking on the "posts" link.) I have over 400 at last count.

Dan "Philosophy, huh? What do you do with that?" McVicker


I do personal training on the side here in the Bay Area, and I'm always looking to pick up new clients. I specialize in strength training for law enforcement and physique enhancement for the general population. You can visit my site at www.strengthandphysique.com