T Nation Instagram Gets Nasty

So, we took a snippet of Christian Thibaudeau’s Question of Strength column and posted it as a mini-article on our Instagram.

And boy, did the waste product hit the air oscillating device in the comments section! Grab your popcorn and check it out:

What do you think?

Ha! I don’t have instagram, but I don’t need to see how its going cause I know how it’s going. I quit giving or receiving advise regarding exercise in general years ago because of y’all. Because, you guys had the best most effective advice I have ever tried. People want it easy and its not, but they will argue you to death even standing physique to physique with each results speaking for themselves.
People want to be right. Same for me, but most people don’t take the time to find out what is right, in order to be right.

I can’t tell if it’s a troll job or not but the comment or who said the guy in the picture “is clearly on Tren” cracks me up. Nothing about the posted picture remotely looks like someone taking any amount of PEDs.

Social media (even ours since it grew so large) is so idiot-rich that it’s hard to tell if someone is joking or not these days. Makes parody difficult. Gotta use those silly emojis, folks!



The comments section on any social media platform is eye opening to say the least

Since my IG blew up I’ve had to deal with quite a few nasty comments, usually with regards to how I look. Usually from faceless gimps who have a shit ton of keyboard fuelled bravado.

Fortunately I’m a 40 something married man so can handle flak however I wonder what it would be like to be say a young woman in her 20s. That sort of abuse would be brutal and not conducive to a healthy state of mind.

Sorry for going off tangent guys.


Well said!

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I’d say the same is true for guys too. All I really use at all is Instagram, and I go on about twice a week. I mainly follow lifters from my gym, so not much toxic stuff.

I think on average we were happier before all of the social media got huge.