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The idea of this thread is to give props to other members you look up to, like to follow, or emulate. It could be because of their size, strength, conditioning, etc...

Let's keep this to members not contributors. I think we can all agree most of us would be okay with the size and strength of Amit, CT, Wendler, JM, etc...

My nominees are:

Guys who are where I'd like to be in the next couple of years:

Gregon - Strong while being pretty damn lean. Very impressive physique.
FlipCollar - Same as above.

Vets who I look up to/read every word they write:

Alpha - not much to say, dude is awesome.
Stu - Incredible amount of knowledge and the experience to back it up.
Serge A Storm: Level of leanness is very impressive. Grade A log.
Zraw: Size, leanness, great competitor, etc...

Young guns that know a thing or two:
Reed: Strong as an ox
csulli: The volume!!


Thanks for the mention brother, I am truly honored to be on you list!


Hey, I appreciate the mention and I'm honored to be included with that group of guys for sure!

I agree with all those guys on your list and would also add guys like timmcbride, grindovermatter - following those prep logs and offseason logs really shows me what true dedication looks like.

Lots of others have come and gone throughout the years, I'm glad Stu has stuck around - his posts are always on-point and well-written.

I lift in a gym full of old, out-of-shape people and don't really hang out with anyone who lifts...that's probably why I've been hanging around here for 15 years!


Alpha & Serge you guys both deserve the shout out, I've learned a lot from what you've each contributed on here!


Thanks Brother!