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T-Nation in "The Game of Shadows"


Don't know if anyone at T-Nation has read the book, but you guys are mentioned in it, stating that Biotest contracted with Conte to market and distribute ZMA. The book also states two interviews were done with Conte, the first by freelance writer Nelson Montoya, who claims all of his skeptical remarks about Conte and ZMA were taken out of the article that was published..

I'm wondering what TC and others at T-Nation think of their portrayal in the book..



I had no idea we were mentioned in the book.

What else does it say?


The correct and accurate way to measure bodyfat is while holding a shoe.


That they're sick and tired of waiting for Anaconda.


Oooooo, you get 10 TC "skillful and biting sarcasm" points!

Well done.


I like your thinking.




I don't think these points quite equal TC's, but I think you deserve 10 Spaceghost points!


I haven't finished the book yet but by the way the book is going, I'd doubt if you are mentioned again as the second-half of the book appears to center more on Bonds, Giambi, Romo and other athletes who were hooked up with BALCO. The first half of the book gives everyone a background on Conte and Bonds and shows the two slowly came to be associated with one another.


Gotcha. I read your original post too quickly and thought you had written that we were mentioned twice.



you mean that quackerball nelson montagna?


And on a tangential skew...

TC, have you considered getting into the whole "official supplier of MLB" thing? That could be lighting the fire and Biotest going into the stratosphere! I can see it now, all the ballplayers on Spike. That would be cool.


Do you want to see Biotest products getting banned because baseball players' performance is enhanced by them? I don't.

For some reason, the general public is against the use of products that make it easier to improve performance. However, they don't see any problem with themselves taking drugs to give them wood, help them sleep, concentrate more at work/school, etc., and even advertising these products on tv.



MLB will be endorsing "safe" supplements.

I think it is a bit of a marketing scam but I also think the supplements MLB endorses as allowable will be more accepted by the general public.


When they ban coffee, then I'll be worried.

I just want to see Biotest make gobs more money. Why not? I don't mean to sound all pro-Biotest, but their Grow! is good stuff. And Spike is a-freaking-mazing. When I've seen a serious lifter at LA Fitness (rare) I get to chatting and usually point them here. When a product works, you tell people.


It'd be great, but I don't think MLB really wants things that work. THey want nice "safe" supplements so the public won't raise an eyebrow.

For instance, if we got them on Alpha Male or Carbolin 19, the public would yell "steroids!"

If we go them on Spike, they'd yell "speed!"

And even if we just got them on Metabolic Drive or Surge, the public would see this site, read threads about steroids, and then damn the major leaguers by association.

Still, I appreciate the thought.


Damn them!