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T-Nation in 3D!!!


I find that when I go to a page in the forum and some of the topics that I haven't read or have new posts are colored red, and posts that I have read turn grey then if I look at them and let my eyes go a little wonky then it looks like the red ones are a little bit 3D. Kind of the like the way red and blue do it if they're next to each other.
Try it!


^ Nards stop drinking.


Ha! Funny thing is even though it's Saturday night here the 2 beers I had before dinner have totally worn off.

Did you try looking at the main page of GAL? Didn't the red threads look like they're a little bit 3D??


No, no.... he's right, DJ!

I've noticed the change-over (when a thread gets updated). It's kind of cool, as Nards describes.


I see your point (figuratively and literally).


I wish SAMA was in 3D sometimes...


Thanks guys! I hoped it wasn't me going nuts.

It works best when a red thread has a grey one above and below it.