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T-Nation Homepage Pictures


Am I the only guy here, who loves this site...but, cant stand to log in (especially at work during breaks, downtime) and the home page looks like gay porn?

How many oiled up, shaved bare 2/3 nude swole up male bodybuilders do they need to put pics up of?

this is especially strange seeing how most of the authors bash modern bodybuilding and promote performance type routines(olympic lifting, circuit training, MMA stuff...etc.)

T-Nation...more pics of dudes lifting/performing with heavy weights, stongman, or otherwise awesome stuff with CLOTHES ON, less gay-soft porn!!!


Agreed. Looks a lot like Muscle and Fitness covers.


It is ridiculous looking.


Says the big bannana!!

Ha ha. No offense but your screen name screams gay porn forum.


That shows where your mind is big guy. :wink:


Yet your avatar of a giant ass is okay?

Give me a fucking break.

the insecurity is strong in this thread.


I have pictures turned off so I don't see avatars. I wish it worked with the front page pictures.


Definitely agree. I can appreciate someone's hard work to build their body, but it's not very work or school safe IMO.

I don't care about avatars because if you are getting on forums at work or school, you should be prepared to see some shit you don't want to see.



Uh, LOGIC FAIL. The same goes for logging into the homepage.

Also, as much as I may like ass in my personal life, having someone walk by with the OP's avatar going isn't any better...so why are people in glass houses firing rocket launchers?


I see what you're saying, X. I'm talking more about general forum stuff, like the ass and near porn stuff on some avatars like countingbeans was talking about. I generally don't get on T-Nation if I'm at work or school, which is the point of my logic. I don't want to see it or let others see it, so I don't get on it.


And my point is, if you are going to complain because a male bodybuilder makes you feel uncomfortable, then those of us who don't necessarily want everyone around us to think we are looking at naked ass like a spring break video should be able to tell the rest of you to take offensive avatars down.

I LIKE the op's avatar...if she were in my house.

I don't necessary like the OP's avatar if my assistant/girl(slash)friend/or random person in the library or wherever walks past.

However, check this...I didn't complain about the op's avatar and didn't plan to. I just accepted it.

But apparently, there are some REALLY insecure people here who think looking at Ronnie Coleman pose will make them gay.


My lifestyle is lifting and fitness, and it's apparent by the way I look. If someone is walking by, they see that you're on this site and don't make the logical connection that you lift weights, then maybe you should wonder what the hell you're doing in the first place.

(This isn't directed at Heavy Thrower so much, because I respect what he's done.) That being said, why the fuck would someone go on a site about being BODY CONSCIOUS if you don't expect to see good-looking bodies?


Frankly, your avatar already made me halfway gay and Ronnie just might push me over the edge.

I have reason to be concerned.


I think the obvious conclusion would be that you want to look good for your boyfriend?


lol sounds like something PX would say.

I have to agree that a bunch of oiled up dudes on the homepage is a bad idea. Pics w/people lifting, or pics of chicks (not half naked) is fine, but cmon a lot of us have jobs and want to avoid that conversation. I work from home but am just trying to look out lol.


What's funny is I totally opened this thread right before calculus class and now I'm pretty sure all the females who sit in the rows next to me and behind me think I'm a terrible person because of OP's avatar.

oh, and also because of the dumbbells thread first post


haha! wow.

I do not go on the forums while browsing at work, just articles and the live spill stuff...

I did not know you could "turn pictures off". does that work on all the images or just the avatars?

and just because I do not want to see shaved oiled up guys in banana hammocks does not mean that I am insecure. that is weak and fail.

I have an opinion, and can express it.

I would like to see more performance based stuff plastered on the homepage is all.

Put all the jacked up freaks you want up...but have them lifting heavy shit with a tank top on or something...not posing in a pair of hot pants! lol

To everyone who has gotten really upset at my post...

I figured the "lol" at the end and the over the top reference to "gay porn" would have cued some of you that the post was half serious, half for fun...tongue in cheek you might say.


BTW...I have actually had requests to change my avatar, as some were offended...and some complained that gif avatars made there computers run slower...

I offered to change it in another thread somewhere...but I got lots of feedback to the contrary...from female and male members...so I kept it up.


lol...good point...


Since you can turn the Avatars off and can't control the front page pictures, the point is valid. However you can also just link to a sub page in your favorites that just shows the forum only with no pictures...Like this one http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum for your work or library reading...