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I don't know if this question's ever been asked, but it's been on my mind:

What are everyone's hobbies?

Besides lifting heavy shit, of course. (And, pleasepleaseplease let's not start the "training and nutrition are no hobbies" war.)

To me "hobby" is defined as something you: A) spend, not make, money on; B) contains minutiae that can be obsessed/argued about; C) has a defnitive subculture.

So: who's a car nut? Who collects stuff? Amateur pilot, photographer, artist, musician?

I'll start (and this probably won't be a surprise): I collect comics and action figures. The short term is "geek".

What about everybody else?


I play the drums and do karate. Those are my hobbies. However trying to form a band has been very difficult; seems no one plays the bass guitar any more.


i play mostly 2d fighters like, street fighter III:3rd Strike, The King of Fighters, Garou:mark of the wolves, Samurai Spirits Tenkaichi, etc.

i also play other games like Fight Night round 3 for the 360, Call of Duty 2, and awaiting many more, in march.


I wait for celebrities to die, so I can start threads about them. :wink:

Actually, I'm a general movie geek. I probably go out to see 3 new movies a month (in the theaters) and rent anywhere from 10-20 dvds a month. I also suffer from Movie Quote Tourettes, where a few brain cells are always ready to spew a relevant or random movie line any moment of the day. It sucks, because half the time, people I'm around don't know the film, so I just sound...odd.

Aside from that, anything to do with basset hounds or zombies will catch my interest. Zombie basset hounds = bonus points.

I did sacrifice a solid 8 or 9 years of my life to role-playing. A steady diet of AD&D, Rifts, Star Wars, DC Comics, and Vampire The Masquerade, as well as the 2 or 3 games my friends and I "designed". Sadly, those days have long since past, and I haven't rolled a d20 in years.


You're looking for bass players in all the wrong places. We're out here.


Besides the obvious lifting...

Hobby 1:
Taking care of my wifes needs

Hobby 2:
Playing with my kids

Hobby 3:
Rockcrawling, Alumni Football.

It used to be the other way around....3 to 1


1 Its a Tie Wakeboarding (finally just got a wakeboard boat last fall), and Motorcycles.

2 Gaming Xbox 360

3 Snowboarding when i can. I live in KS so its kind of hard.

Those are the things I love to do more than lift. I just recently got in to the health and lifting thing. Hopefully it will allow me to enjoy my hobbies more.


Snowboard, mountain bike, and wild mushroom finding, collecting and eating.
If you think comic book collecting is geeky, check out a local mycology club some time. It realy is fun though. Theres nothing like finding a pristine patch of chantarelle.


Watching Seinfeld, Family Guy and South Park until it is borderline not funny anymore

I also like taking my dog to the park and tossing the ball with him for a while

Skiing and golfing are also favorite pastimes


I like to surf the internet and interact with other people without ever having to deal with them in person.

That and play rugby. Oh yeah, and sometimes I like hanging out with girls, but I wish I didn't have to talk so much.


Anal boy, we all know your real hobby and what your thoughts revolve around mostly!


Golf and sometimes video games. Does watching movies and TV count as a hobby? I also like plane spotting (yes I know it makes me a nerd). I work full time and am a full time grad student, so between that and lifting, I have almost no time on my hands. I will have to get more hobbies after I am done. Oh yeah, I like to read as well.




Im a huge music junkie. I like bands like Velvet Revolver, U2, Guns n Roses, Chillie Peppers....

I also dig extreme sports. Anything that gets the adrenaline going.

The only TV I watch is Cops.

Again, I think my biggest hobby like most of you is nutrition and exercise science.


I play guitar. I got over 10 years workin' the frets. I never, ever play anyones songs...I create my own. I don't have time for a band as of late, since I went back to school to get a degree in business. I gave the music biz a shot and when it didn't work out, I decided to quit messin' around and study and then get a "real job".

I am an avid football (pro and college) and NBA nut. I watch as much sports as possible and for the last 3 years or so I have been really into all of the sports writer talk shows, Around the Horn etc.

I have been addicted to video games for nearly 20 years, I need help! I'm trying to cut back to under an hour a day, I just need help...

I play basketball as a hobby, seeing how I don't make money doing it and I spend money to do it.

Hobbies are good, keeps me out of trouble.


4x4's and anything with an internal combustion engine (actually, steam engines are pretty neat too!)


(.) Political Philosophy
(.) Writing
(.) drawing
(.) singing
(.) slacking
(.) Latin
(.) Italian
(.) Ancient Greek
(.) T-Nation


Music music music...I'm a huge music junkie...I also play the drums. I played for the now defunct band called, lost in thought. Now, I teach when someone wants to learn.

I'm also into building cars and hot rods. Current project is a 31 Buick. My life long project that I've had since I was 16 is a 71 Chevelle. I also drag race when I can.

tattoo art, some for myself, some for others.

Frisbee golf rocks.

I didn't mention spending time with family and kids because that's not a "hobby".


But, RS...attending to your wife's needs is not a hobby. It is something to be done under pains of death, :slight_smile:

(Although, it does cost money and cause arguments, so I think you might have hit it on the nose.)


I don't have much free time that I don't spend with the wife and kids.

Since I don't play rugby anymore I like to kayak, canoe and ride my motorcycle when the weather is decent.

I can fit my little daughter in the kayak with me but when the older one wants to go I have to use the canoe.