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T Nation Helped Me More Than Anyone in Achieving 52lbs in 2 Years

I just first would like to start off and show how much I appriciate what they have done for me… By posting contenet any beginer would need to know, i used this page to gain 52lbs in a year of achieving a big thick muscular physique with awsome strength to go with it. I just turned 17 years olf and started ifting at 15, first year i was only going 3x a week but seroisuily i have been going to gym for 1 year (4-5x a week). I am a natural athlete and without trying to sound cocky, I would say my genetic makeup is more supeior than allot of people because I still live with my parent’s and there is no jobs for most people my age so I only eat 2-3x a day and still gain muscle and strength easily… But that’s not all i came here to say, everything I do, like literially everything i do, is only from 1 trusted source and that is T nation!! These guys know what they on about and i agree with them for 95% of the time apart from the idea of needing only to stay in gym for less than a hour, which i found out an hour and 30 mins works best for me… I think one thing which has really helped me in gaining muscle, is the cns activation thing before every workout (2 min jog then 1 min sprint as fast as possible) this really puts me in the zone! I would like to thank Christian Thibaudeau the most, because he really has helped me allot and the other guys at t nation. I need to get a job to get food down me to get to my natural potential, but i am still progressing faster than people taking gear, and when i become succesful in this bodybuilding stuff, t nation will get my refrence!!

8 months tranformation with going gym 3x a week:


Some pictures below…







Thats great to hear

-any articles/programs you used that were particularily helpful? You used a Thib program also?

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Solid work, man. Some details would be great. Height, starting/ending weight, training and diet specifics?

Looking to do a contest soon?

progression in weight lifted?

When i started i was only lifting 88lbs for 1 rep as it was my first time bench pressing, doing 5 wide grip pull ups, deadlifted 198lbs (shit form) for 1 rep, squated 110lbs for 4. After 2 years i can bench press on flat bench 253lbs for 8 reps, squat 353lbs for 2, deadlift 396lbs for 1 but never do it, because i dont like the exercise for muscle building. for the first year i only trained 3x a week, doing chest/shoulder/tricep one day, back/biceps one day and legs one day but i overtrained sooo much, i was training 2 hours a day… Second year, i was doing 3 days on, 1 off then repeat with day 1 - chest/back, day 2-legs/calves- day 3 - shoulders/arms. Each session takes me 1 hour and 30 to complete. I am looking to do a contest hopefully when i am 18 years old. My diet went… this is really embarrasing but i only eat 2-3x a day, with about 1500 calroies, mainly protein, fats and carbs. The reason i only eat this little, is because of econimic problems i currently encounter, and sadly there is no jobs aound my area but still looking for one. even though i am on such low calroie diet my muscles are really resposnive and still growing so all is good. I am fast twitch muscle dominate, annd have the worst endurance in the world. I most of the time fail after 6 reps on most sets, but try to get forced reps to get 8. 90% of the time i keep my reps 6-8 reps and on light weight weeks, i significatly lose strength, because i can’t do allot of reps, which forcing me to only lift 60kg for 12 reps struggle… My height is 5 feet 7 and my diet mainly consists of lean red meat, chicken, lamb, oats, white rice, eggs and beans. every article t nation puts up, really helps me, like how to pinch your shoulders back for maxium back contraction, and how to set up for maxium lat activation, mainly how to do exercises. My favoruite article test nation has ever posted is about protein syntheises and what you need to do and eat to activate it. I wish i could get all those amazing supplements like whey protein, bcaa and creatine, also some of those stuff you guys from t nation promote, but i am still young and living with parents with no job, however my mum does make the most amazing foods that are nutrient dense and give me all the essentials. I however spend my money on multivatamins, and fish oil allot. My starting weight was 136lbs and that was when i was 14 or 15, and now i am 188lbs now.