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T-Nation Hats


Who else wants T-Nation to make Flex Fit hats? Or any hat for that matter? If a lot of people want them, maybe the guys will put some together. What are your thoughts?


I'd like a black skull cap with a red T-Nation logo on it.


I want a T-Nation g-string and some combat boots.


Great idea. Keep 'em coming people.


That's for this year's Mardi Gras? Please tell that's what it's for, because any other thought of that on you is.....disturbing.


Those would make great X-Mas presents for your mother.

(This was all in good fun. I would never seriously dis someone's mom.)


I'll second the skull cap.

And maybe some assles chaps with tassles. Yea, definitely tassles.


I agree with Bigragoo, and I'd also like a flex fit cap like mentioned above. Both sound great!


I'd go for a "Testosterone" or "T-Nation" cap.


It can't be any kind of skull cap though. It has to be like the UnderArmour performance polyester/spandex kind. That way we can sweat in them and still look sexy.


How about a floppy ears T-Nation hunting hat ... no? Ok, a floppy-ears T-Nation beaver hunting hat? :wink:

Not black, not red, not white ... I sweat too much ... yellow good.

Whatever ... a hat, yeah, I'll buy a couple.



I'm all about some hats, lets get some Good Flex Fit hats, i'd prefer it with the logo only, both on the front and on the back.

Get a good mix of colors and logo colors, it'd be miraculous.


two ideas,
a beanie with a T on the front or some kind of fishing type hat which keeps the sun out of my eyes when it actually visits my shores and we people of England look in amazement at the big round orange ball in the sky.........emmmmmmmmm. Heat.


I'd buy a hat and a beanie...I don't know about the g-string though, unless it was padded in the front to make up for my, uh, shortcoming.


I would definately buy a T-Nation hat, whatever kind it is


I'd definitely get one of those! That's a good idea.


I'd love a T-Nation ballcap.

Hell, I'd settle for some T-Nation stickers for my hard hat.


X.......Like you don't already have that stuff...



i want the t on the front and the dangerously hardcore on the back. both stitched black or red on a white cap flexfit.

if anyone is really serious ill put in an order and maybe set up a paypal thing on ebay or something so its not weird. ill probably get the minimum since getting a bunch of people in on clothing never works out like it should, so it will be limited to six or twelve i think.


the pic i was refering to.