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T-Nation Hall Of Shame


Inspired by the lukewarm thread "Hall of Fame", I think a hall of shame could be funnier and more entertaining.

This thread is dedicated to the most shameful threads ever posted here on T-Nation.

My first vote goes to my own stupid thread from last year:

Please add to this... lest this thread ends up on its own short list.



Every one of my posts is just awful.


I agree you should kill yourself.





Dwarf Flames himself.

Dude...you crack me up.

And Rock....everything you post is GOLDEN, GOLDEN I say!


Lol...I remember that thread.







The post about squirrels laying eggs in your house.


I'm not allowed to play with the Hall of Famers. Can I play with you guys instead? You seem cooler.


lol: "MMF guessing that means mixed martial arts fighter?"


Only if you post videos of naked box squats. :slight_smile:

Jerry Rice was better.


I will post those pics at some point, minus the box. And I'll be putting them in the T-Vixen thread just to cement my place in the Hall of Shame.


This gets my vote hands down!


Gold they will love that.


THAT was funny as hell!



This one was bound for the Hall of Shame before anyone even responded to it.


And this one from the same poster:



Another good one:



And don't forget SrJoker: