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T-Nation Hall of Fame


A lot of forums I go to, have a HoF I lurk here a lot and all I see is arguments and a lot of references to posters come and gone.

So from the true veterans of this site no one above 2006 please.

Elect members to put into the T-Nation Hall.

As a stipulation leave links or quotes from some of the members best wisdom on training, diet, life w.e.

GL and don't turn the thread into a flame war.


Thread is gay.


You're a bitch


Says the guy after the cut off date.


As a stipulation can you turn down the gay??


Wait, is January 2006 OK!?!?!? OH NO!!!!!!!!!


Fucking 10ers man.

They totally ruined this place.


I just realized you are a 09'r like me, fist bump. And you are off my christmas card list because now I have to have the Tom Brady Avatar. I hope you are happy missy.


Aw come on man. Who am I going to annoy with my endless stream of inane football questions?


I cant say no to you, I just will not send a Christmas card or inappropriate PM. It is funny how people will not even read what I wrote because they dont recognize the Avatar.


'cept our own SP....she is definitely making TN a better place!



This is what happens when you ask not to be flamed


DJ who is that in your new avatar?


Wait! Tom Brady made me miss out on inappropriate PMs? As if I needed another reason to hate that guy. Damn it!!

I ran into a similar issue when I had Oswalt and Dubee in my avi. Turns out my post approval rating increases ten fold when it is an ass shot. Hmmmmmm.


Why thank you Edgy!!


I think you get the best responses with your ass in your avi no doubt. While mine would probably get me banned.

Have to wait and see about the inappropriate PMs, things can always change. :slightly_smiling:


Tom Brady believe it or not. I lost a bet and I am a man of my word.


There aren't alot of here from pre-2006. I could name names of older posters but none of you would know them, so whats the point?


09 was the Golden Age of T-Nation. FACT


eliteballa3 is a first-ballot hall of famer for obvious reasons.