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T-Nation Guitar Players' Thread


There are a number of guys on here that play guitar. This is a thread for members to post videos of themselves playing, talk about gear, live performance stories, whatever.

Just no videos of the pros please. There is a thread for that already.

I'll start. I've been playing for 18 months, so I realize that I'm not to the point where people actually want to hear me play, but I can't very well start a thread and not contribute.

This is me playing Mississippi Queen. I botched a few notes, but I could probably play it 20 times and still have mistakes at this point, especially when the camera is running. I was surprisingly nervous.

I'd like to see SteelyD, SkyNett, and all of the other T-Nation axe men contributing here. Doesn't matter if it's you live at a bar or playing in your basement. Let's see it fellas!


That's pretty damn good for only 18 months, you seem to have a very natural approach to the instrument, keep it up man.


How the hell do you embed the vid? It only lets me browse my own files, there's no way to paste the embed HTML from youtube. WTF?


You just copy/paste the http://www url address from the top of your browser. The video automatically embeds.

So mine was "http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou0RKj-0GXQ" without the space after the // or the quotes (just did that so it would show the link and not the vid).

EDIT: Oh, and you paste the url address in with your post. You don't have to attach a video file like you would if you were just uploading a video from your hard drive.


Ok - thanks SN... : )

First thing is an improved Happy Birthday shred for my buddy Steve - a keyboardist I played with when we were younger - he lives in Texas now so I did this at his request for his B-day and posted it on FB...lol. Off the cuff improv done in one take.


And here's a version of Dance the Night Away that has a few flubs, but you can thank my stupid cat for hopping up on my amp and distracting me...lol...


Nice work SN, love the SG too.

This is my Dean ML Warbird, not crazy about the color and graphics but the price was right. Bought it used off Kijigi for $375, case included, not a mark on it, not even pick scatches.

Seen them sold anywhere from $750 to $1200 new so I think I did allright. I had it restrung last month and the guy at the shop was bummed that I picked it up so quick cause he was having a ball playing lol.

My skillz are not worthy of this fine instrument either. I just usually bang out riffs, not much lead really. I'm so self critical that I never get very good.

edit/One guess as who my guitar hero is from looking at my model of Dean lol.



and that's a nice guitar man....


BJB, my guitar is an ESP version of an SG, the Viper.

That Warbird is sick. Dime is one of my favorites. I was damn near in tears when Zakk played "In This River" at the Berzerkus the other night. He's gone way too soon.

SkyNett, that was some sick tapping on that happy birthday improv. Excellent work. Dance the Night Away was solid too. You got skills bro.


Good stuff dudes.

I have pics (about 3-4 years old now) of me playing a gig in my profile (please excuse my skinniness-- I had just dropped 70 lbs). American Tele is my #1. I have a Carvin Jumbo Acoustic for my #1 acoustic. Have a Samick acoustic bass as well.


Thanks! Appreciate it!

For only playing 18 months that was very good - you have some beginner stiffness in your playing, but also show a great aptitude for the instrument playing such a short amount of time. Just like bodybuilding, effort and consistency over time will yield great result. Great start - keep it up!!!!

Are you self taught or do you have a teacher?


In for the win. Made my life with those six strings! More to come...


Thanks for the kind words.

I have been taking lessons once a week for 8 months but I'm mostly self-taught. There's only so much you can go through in a half hour lesson.

If there's any tips you or anyone could give to a beginner like myself I'm more than open for them.


I'll chime in with some classic Metal pics from 'teh 80s'.

Long (big) hair, tight pants, fucking kick ass guitar.

Former equipment: Carvin X100B stack (sold). Marshall JCM 800 100w stack (sold). BC Rich NJ Mockingbird (stolen). Washburn xb100 bass (sold). Various fender acoustics/strats traded/sold.


Yep, Dimebag is my fav.


Lol - 24 years old.... 1990 or so.


Steel Nation - you're doing great man. I've been practicing (can't call it playing yet) for ~2 years. My teacher said I just graduated to "campfire status" with Wish You Were Here. You are obviously putting in the time and the results are showing.

Great thread, it should get me fired up for lessons tonite.


Isaw Pantera in 96'...couldn't take your eye's off him the whole show. I'll post some stuff on the anniversery of his death for sure. I would have been choked up myself at that show when he played that tune.

Anyone ever use one of those programs that slows songs down without changing the pitch?

Still trying to get the hang of open G tuning. Can't you hear me knocking by the Stones is such a good song. Mick Taylor was great but from the footage I've seen he just stood there much like Wyman, no stage presence at all.


Thanks man. Get a video of Wish You Were Here and post that shit up! I've been working on that one myself, along with the unplugged version of Nutshell by Alice in Chains. Both great acoustic songs.


Oh, what the Hell...

Here's me in '88 or '89. I would have been 17 or so.