T-Nation Group Facebook #2

Well… despite the fact that unlike everyone at my school, im not a stalker, i guess i can join up. It really only takes like 2 clicks so its not TOO much work.

[quote]wires wrote:
Well. Now you are all each other’s boyfriends.



Now I really cant wait to get my school email.


Good idea. I’m in there

sure, what the hell…

I’m in.

ok, no more admins. its starting to lose its specialness

I am in, thx whoever invited me.

the thing i had liked most about admins was immediately everyone was on the left side - clear to see.

that way - it was easy to see if someone was nearby your region. in trig’s case - he’s in the same area as adam b. in the same DC area - GW and American.

however, stuck with the limit of 25, sorry about it guys. i can’t change that. anyways it’s stuck to the first/come first serve. i’m just going to keep it as it is now - if someone desperately wants admin just PM one of those asking if they want to change.

i do hope that you guys liked the facebook group though. i’m really praying that i find someone else from my college that goes there.

Cool, I’m in. Although it looks like I’m the only one from my school.