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Who else here likes to lift big, eat big, and hit the links? If you do, what's your best score ever? How long have you been playing? What kind of clubs are you currently playing with? Any words of wisdom? Feel free to share anything related to your (most likely awful) golf game?

I've been playing off and on for about 5 years or so - only recently have I started to take lessons. I have found that they are entirely worth it if you commit to deliberate practice a few times a week to work on what you learned. If you just go for the occasional lesson and don't pick up a club for a while, you might as well not piss the money away. My best score ever is an 85, but I'm usually happy to shoot in the mid 90's.

I currently hit Taylormade Burners. While I think they are overall decent clubs, I have had the club head break on two clubs already (owned them only a few years). Something tells me that shouldn't happen that frequently. Maybe it's just because I blow ass and hit the ground too damn much.

For you Texas boys, any great courses you've played in the metropolitan areas that you recommend?



I play a few times a year, but am not very good :frowning:


I play every once in a while. I will shoot in the high 80's usually. I've just got a set of nike irons and some burner woods; a Titleist 60 degree and a Cleveland 56 degree. My wedges are my favorite clubs lol.


I've been through obsessional phases where golf is basically all I did. I never was all that good but I worked my handicap down to a 4 or so for a short period. I don't play much anymore because when I do play all I want to do is play and I get fat and neglect other things. Just throw those fucking clubs away, you'll be better off.


77, but usually hit mid 80's. I play with Adams Golf Idea Irons and an older MacGregor Mactech driver that hits straight for me so I wont upgrade until that changes.

I play mostly for work purposes, when I first started playing I had a bad swing because of my flexibility. Got the flexibility where it needed to be and my game improved to where I enjoyed playing and did not have to cuss up a storm and go looking for my ball in the woods.

The comedian Lewis Black puts it into perspective.


I am a 2 handicap, and my low score is a 63 on my home course.


I play with Callaway X-tour irons and Vokey wedges....I just added a RocketBallz Tour driver with a x-stiff shaft and a 10.5 degree loft. A little higher than I normally use, so I will see how I like it.


Very nice, Utah. How long did it take you to get to such a high-level?


Started playing in 02' when I joined my course...I was a 20 handicap at that time. Played a crapload of golf since then, it is my favorite thing to do outside of the gym.


Oh Really


been playing for about 15 years now - late starter.

i have yet to break 90, but have been close a few times.

hit an 40 on the front 9 once, and got so excited i screwed up the rest of the day and finished with around 100.

ususally hit between 95 & 110 - depending on what hurts that morning, or if /when i start drinking.


Ya Rly.


DT, I know it's hard to believe.


Golf is our time to drink and socialize with friends. It really is the most social of sports.

And yes, I tend to go downhill when I get into the sauce, this typically happens when we go out for extra holes late in the afternoon.


I used to play golf frequently, but got bored with it. I'll pick it back up when im old, fat, and unable to play any other sports. Not knocking golf, but it's just not physically engaging enough to take seriously.

Depending on your profession, being able to play can be very beneficial.


Trust me bro, you want to start now.

I played sports all the way through college football, and I kick myself daily for not starting sooner.

If you want to start when you are old and non-athletic be my guest, but it will be a miserable experience.


I know how to play, and have played a lot. I just dont anymore. I'll still play a couple rounds with friends, but it's not how i prefer spending my days anymore.


My bad, I misread.

Fair enough.


I have some advise.
1. Take dead aim
2. When you putt the ball, try and make the ball 'die' at the hole
3. be aware of your hips


lolwut. that's the strangest top 3 golf tips I've ever seen. #2 especially. If you have the physical ability to make the ball 'die at the hole' every time, you're not reading a list like this. You're on the tour. Also, that advice does not apply to short putts whatsoever.

I've been a scratch player, but not particularly recently. I played my best golf in high school when I was able to play everyday. Best score was 68 at a stupidly easy muni course in Dallas.

Utah, 63 is ridiculous on any course. I know very few people who can do that. How the heck did you 'start out' as a 20 handicap? Are you saying you shot in the 90's the first time you played? Not doubting, that's just extraordinary.


I took the highest handicap that our men's association at my club would allow.

I was down to a 12 by the end of my 2nd year. I have averaged over a 100 rounds of golf over the last 11 years....golf more than anything is about repetition.

Plus playing 80% of my golf on my home course helps a great deal hahaha.