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T-Nation Gift Cards

How about a T-Nation gift card for next x-mas? I just recieved a GNC card. I am not too happy.

I was actually thinking about the same thing. I could imagine how overwhelmed my family members would be if I gave them a Christmas list with Biotest supps on it:

  1. (2) tubs of Low-Carb Vanilla Grow!
  2. (3) tubs of Low-Carb Chocolate Grow!
  3. (1) tub of Regular Vanilla Grow!
  4. (5) bottles of MAG-10 Legacy Formula
  5. (4) tubs of Surge (you may have to scout out the website for a couple weeks for this one, its been known to be in stock for 3-15 minutes at a time - so you have a good 5 minute window every 3 weeks or so)

Yeah, their heads would explode with confusion. TC what do you think?

I 3rd this. I would’ve bought my family members some of the goods if there were gift cards available for X-MAS.



It’s been done. Not many people took advantage of it.

Of course, the audience is larger now.

I fully endorse this idea.