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Okay... Anyone else sick of seing a stupid set of abs on the front page advertising a new V-Diet?

We get it... you can drink a bunch of protein shakes instead of eating real food and get SHREDDED abz.

Was I the only one who didn't realize that there were even new articles posted this week?! I can't speak for anyone else, but I know when I first came to this site that was a huge reason for me to keep coming back... NOT to read about the V-Diet.

/Pointless Rant


Um. Then don't read it?

If you were to simply glance a little to the right you'd see some more free articles which are updated daily.



Nope, I missed the articles for a couple days as well.


In micro print without the usual photos.

Usually, for a new product launch, we at least get half the page dedicated to new articles. Not this time.


I completely understand that Nate, but I have to chime in that I didn't notice the new articles were posted where the "old" articles used to be. I didn't bother reading the names for a few days and was just waiting for a new graphic to symbolize a new article until I noticed one of them being discussed in the Most Popular list =p


This isnt a new product launch though. They repackaged the same thing that theyve been pimping for a couple of years now and billed it as a completely new version of something that you can't really change that much to begin with.


As did I. Took me a few days to realize the recent articles section had new stuff there.


If it had been CT's new program, I bet this thread wouldn't exist...

Some of you don't like the V-Diet. High five for you. Move on.

Sure, the new articles threw me for a few minutes, but let's remember that this site is always evolving, so there's probably something already planned.

I mean, c'mon, the design of these Superprograms is awesome. Instead of bitching, I'm waiting anxiously for the next.



I can't wait till Thibs program comes out


Gotta say though that Jelena is looking hot!


You come off as somebody who is bitter they have never seen their abs here.


Yeah, that should be good, but im betting the guy they use in that article's picture will have a 6 pack as well, so I guess some people are just going to hate seeing the article up there as well.


oh really? i didnt even know there were new articles up i thought everyhting was put on freeze for the v-diet

but it doesnt matter because i dont read the articles anyway, tra la la la la


But you weren't dissecting it, you were like you said, making a pointless rant about having to look at a set of STUPID abs.


Is that something someone should be bitter about? If so, I'm screwed.



that's what I thought. I posted on the article thread, but no one read it or bothered to make note of it. Rather 20 people "praising jesus for the new V-Diet"


i agree not for nothing but umm, all these articles are free so ok u dont like the V-diet some people do well guess what how much did u pay for it. exactly shutup


I can't remember the last time T-Nation didn't post articles. When I didn't see it on the front, I assumed they were still there and looked on the side.

People have forgotten how to think.


Maybe. Or maybe it's because I believe it helps spawn 100 clone threads similar to this a week:



Shame on you Biotest for having the audacity to advertise on your own website!