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T-Nation Forums Beginner Program

With all the posts I see, I think it’s FINALLY time that T-Nation creates what most of the other strength sports forums have. That is a FORUM program, one created from all the members on here that beginners can use.

So I know we have Tons of articles and tons of great programs. But lets face it, most people always feel like something is left out (for whatever reason that is). Why not build something using all our minds that people that come check out the forums can use.

Program needs to be simple and easy to follow. Progression needs to be straight forward.

Here’s my rough draft lol. I think an upper/lower might be a better way to go, but figure I’d start with a FB. Lets see how it morphs from here!

Squat - 4x6-8
OH Press - 4x6-8
Chin-Ups or Rows - 5x8-12
RDL - 4x10-12
Ab Work, Curls - 50 reps

Deadlift - 4x4-6
Bench Press - 4x6-8
Chin-Ups or Rows - 5x8-12
Lunges - 4x10-12
Back Ext, Laterals - 50 reps

Squat - 4x10-12
DB Press - 4x8-10
Chin-Ups or Rows - 5x10-12
Heavy Carry - 3-5 Rounds
Ab Work, Curls - 50 reps

Run 1 Mile.
Just do something you hate for 20-30 minutes.

Sub it for something similar. Examples:
Swap Back Squat for Front Squats, SSB Squat, etc.
Swap OH Press for Push Press, DB OH Press, Landmine press, etc.

So what you guys say? Can we create something for users looking for a generic get generally strong program??

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