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T-Nation Forum Awards


Well the year end is creeping up on us.Thought id start a thread about the forum and having a poll on the following.

Best thread
Worst thread
What the fuck were they smoking thread
Most hated troll
The TSB award




I vote myself for most likely to end up replacing Chuck Norris.


From recent memory I would put testonly's post about big women in the "What the fuck were they smoking thread" section.



"Legal Cock-block" for TSB award.


Most hated troll would go to XcelticX or Fat T man.

Although celtic was more hated as opposed to Fat T man just being a blithering idiot.


"that girl freaked out when I ripped a stop sign out of the ground".

What a tool.


Thread most likely NOT to succeed in changing anyones mind, yet will go on for eternity:

The "Proof Gay Marriage is Wrong" thread.


No she just freaked because his "veins were all poppin' out". She was used to him ripping traffic markers out of the ground.


I don't know what category he would fit in, but Diesel Weasel has to win something.


Best thread category.

That thread gave me days of entertainment. I would be sitting at work, thinking how shit things have been lately, and then I would think "At least I'm not Diesel Weasel".

I would then start laughing......


How about "Most Likely to Snap in Half" award?


I just read the legal cock block thread and I almost had an annyuerism (sp?). hahaha I think we all know "that" guy.


hahahahahahahah I forgot about that one


I'm surprised we all havent come to the unanamous decision of the ass worship thread being the best thread ever.


I vote Mark Lonnie Jr. (mls or whatever his screen name was) for most amusing troll (up until he began to threaten people will all sorts of harm). Anyone who claims to be an elite level poker player who was also capable of "ragdolling" dudes left and right was high comedy.

Most troubling troll. Hmm. Ooogie/Carrotman took a decidedly troubling turn with that creepy e-stalking of Professor X.

I give the "What the fuck were they smoking" award to Al Shades. Anyone convinced that they were never going to die definitely makes a strong case for our first annual T-Nation WTF.

How about your favorite posters in general? For instance, if you saw this T-Nation member starting out a thread, for you, it would be a must read. I would be curious to hear the responses.


This is the first guy who stood out and I always remembered when I first started reading T-Nation:

BFG, aka Bastard Fuck Guy, aka Bastard Guy, aka Bastard, aka Dan Fouts.

Smart and funny, he always cracks me up.

Then again, if DieselWeasel started a thread...who wouldn't read it?


Ha ha, yeah, that thread is growing like well-watered weed! LOL


"Me at 13" or something like that has to win something. Hilarious thread!


The bulking machine has to win something.
I don't know if it is best thread, most amusing, or what where they smoking? But that guy sure did brighten up everybody's day.
Bulky, where are you? Come back, we miss you!


I've apologized before, I'll do it again: I'm sorry for the "Gay Marriage" thread. It was just something someone sent to me that I thought was funny. I didn't know it would grow out of control like the Hippie Jam on South Park, consuming Zeb and WMDs' minds and lives.

As far as trolls go, how 'bout the split-personality of FrancisBullion/KimJongIl?