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Mr MR,

thanks for askin! i do also have the time diff as to what others have posted… but i log on everyday! i am forever grateful to you and the rest of T-Nation with your patience and generocity(sp?) with regards to the info.
i was training for about two years before i stumbled upon this site, and man did it open my eyes! everything i was doin was wrong… training to failure all the time, once a wk per bodypart… basically on the short road to burnout city!

i try not to post too often cuz like Minotaur said, it is kinda like talking to giants! its like youre gonna get a, shaddap! or somethin. but to my surprise, even CW answered my basic question regarding training. much appreciated. so thanks again to you guys!

and Natedogg, thanks for hookin me up with the spread sheets of CW’s programs bro! much appreciation there! man, hope things look up for ya soon bro!

I am on T-Nation everday at least about 5-6 times a day. I usually hit Prime Time every night. I don’t ask questions to often but I am always reading. Most times a question I was going to ask is already in a thread. Thanks to all of you for doing this. Your right, its the best thing online (or anywhere else for that matter).

Don’t usually make it to this site till after midnite on the east coast.
Nate Dogg, I don’t mean to be presumptuous and offer advice, but if you can’t find a job in that field try something else. I had a friend who was going nowhere in the job he was working, so he changed fields. He took some truck driving course and now works for one of the large beer distributors. Presently he makes good money and it seems as though he gets free beer judging by the amount at his house when I was over there last. Also, Yellow is going gangbusters and hiring staff big time. Then there is the fed jobs such as the post office…

[quote]Zen warrior wrote:
I’m on at least two times a week, and I read pt from the day before to catch on. I don’t post much though, maybe because I don’t know what to ask specifically. When I do, I tend to be too broad in the spectrum of my question. [/quote]

Ditto hear always read the next day

I think Prime Time is great and T-Nation is by far the best out there. I just don’t have time in the evening to sign on…

I’m only when I work in night turns ( I live opposite side of this planet)

I;m on T-Nation every day, several times a day, although I don’t post very frequently.


I’m on T-Nation daily but since I’m on Eurotime, I miss Prime Time completely. However, you guys do a fantastic job of answering questions.

Other thing to mention is that a lot of the questions I want to ask can be answered by:

Eat more, sleep more, lift more, repeat.

What I really want to do is just shoot the shit with like-minded people. :wink:

I look through the Prime Times everynight, and post a question probably once a week. I think that is a great idea, and i don’t think people here on T-Nation realize how lucky we are to have all of these great minds take our questions to mind.

I love Prime Time!!

I really wish I could take more advantage of the Prime Time. I am usually in bed by 6 PM, because I have to be at work at 3 AM. Thankfully my schedule changes in August and I won’t have to be at work until 5:30 AM.

I am on T-Nation everyday well monday to friday during the day. Great site, I like reading the articles, I wish there were more! Its an encouragement that gets me to the gym and that makes me study even harder to become a PT and a CSCS and aim to start school in Kinesiology… I cant wait!.. If you are looking for me, I am always here, cept weekends when Im at the gym and out with women lol!

Come on Nate, get out there, keep your head up. What I have realized is that if you always keep your head up and stay optimistic, things will fall in place just dont give up, everyone has been through tough times, it really isnt about how many tough times you have been through, its about how you dealt with those times. Set goals in your life and achieve them. I dont have the most interesting life around, but it depends how you explain it.

For example I currently work full time and hang out with friends, go to the gym etc… you know, the usual boring stuff, same repetitive stuff week after week, different day, same shit. Well since I have set some goals for myself, these include paying off all of my debt, getting back to school and studying to become a PT and CSCS.

Also I know a few women that make my life more pleasant(well sometimes more hell but whatever!). This is what makes life more interesting. I think everyone has had their own set of life experiences and had times when they have gotten depressed, eventually you get out of that, and learn to smile, no matter what day of the week it is. (read: Monday!) I started exercising, eating better and getting out more and it makes a huge difference.

If you cant find a job in your direct area of study, I would advise you to just look for a job that is relative to your degree, and show them what you can do, you may be able to get ahead in that company and make some good money. Some people are too picky when it comes to jobs and they try too hard to get a job directly related to their degree, be more open to other jobs and bust your ass. It will pay off! Best of Luck to everyone, keep yo’ heads up!

I think Prime Time is awsome, but I bet the majority of us on here are not advanced enough to have many questions. Honestly, all the programs available provide more than enough to keep us busy for the next 3 years. I simply don’t have questions because I’m too busy reading ALL the articles and following the plans and they are working.

Prime Time is another great resource for T-mag readers, but it might not be the most efficient or effective method. Most people simply ask their questions in the general forum and they get answered by many.

I would say instead of Prime Time, more articles should be published. One article a day or every other day is too sparse. Experiment with the article contents. There are many facets to health, fitness, and nutrition that I’m sure T-Nation hasn’t covered.

How about a frequent buyer program???

Prime Time happens at 3am here. But I do go through the threads the next day, you guys give some great advice!!

Read all day while I’m at work… motivates me to hit the gym right away when I get off. I just dont have internet access at my place, so I’m not on in the evening.


I am constantly on during the day and Prime Time. I don’t post because there is always someone who asks the questions I need. If I check the archives, I can usually find my answers, too. Once I actually figure out a question to ask, though, I’ve already spent a good couple hours browsing and all of the contributors are off-line. But this is close to 1 or 2 in the morning.

[quote]bg100 wrote:
PT for me in eastern Australia is actually 9am - 12 noon when I’m at work, so I have to squeeze in any questions very quickly. I then read all of the responses during my lunch break or later that night. I usually check in every day. If you don’t see me pop up with questions it means work is flat out, which it has been for the past month.


I’m on the same time frame. I always manage to read the replies.

Mike, I think what Christian Thibaudeau did recently ( http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=687905 ) worked extremely well.

CT set the thread up early in the day and came back later on his Prime Time shift to answer questions. It allowed people to think of questions and allowed CT to just fire off response after response when he returned instead of waiting for questions to be posted.

Yeah, Snoop’s brother Nate has had a tuff year. He knows we are behind him, and we know he will persevere.

I am on Prime Time prolly 3 days per week. I don’t chime in too much, except to bother the sh!t out of the OFC (Old Fart Coaches) team of Staley and John. Pretty much, once you’ve paid attention to those guys for about 6 months, it’s like deja vu all over again. Staley tells strange stories no doubt tied to his time in Area 51, and John says something about stuff making sense and doing stuff and lifting, pulling, pushing, and throwing stuff. Although he’s usually a bit more vague than that.

On your stuff, I just need to do more and type less. You and EC’s both. Your installments may be the most important of all. You guys keep me healthy and fresh so the others can get me big and strong. THAT is perhaps the biggest missing link I have had for many years. And then piecing together various components from the different authors is just awesome. I have like, what, 10 coaches?

But I agree - Prime Time is priceless. Unfortunately, I just can’t see it lasting for long. How are you guys compensated for your time? It’s gotta be more than just free Surge and Low-Carb Grow!

Bastard!s Freaking Grateful

I’m working those hours, but I try to read the questions and replys the next morning, when I have time.

The Prime Time Live exchanges are extremely interesting and informative. They are the first places I go now, after signing on the T-Nation and reading the quote of the day.


I’ve already done one, so I think it’s just up to TC and Shugs as to when it goes up. Thanks for asking!

Stay strong

BTW, they made fun of EC for talking fast, but I think I talked even faster. WOW!

[quote]Minotaur wrote:
I read as much of the PT as I can throughout the day, but can’t always get on during the “peak hours”. I’d probably try to post more questions, but I feel a bit guilty. T-Nation offers so much free advice already…why should I ask busy pros like you to spend even more time considering a question from little old me? I feel a bit like a goldfish asking a Great White “So, dude, what’s it like eating people?” Anyone know what I mean?

P.S. - Coach Robertson, any chance you’re next in line for a Double Tap interview??!!??[/quote]