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I'm interested; we all know T-Nation is the best because everyone associated gets to read free articles written by top-tier strength coaches and nutritionists.

But, how many of you are on Prime Time fairly frequently? I know a few names like brotzfrog, bigpump23, etc. are on frequently, but how many of you guys are on once a week? Twice a week? Every night?

I would think this is the most exciting thing going, especially because you can have these same coaches who write the articles answer your specific questions.

So tell me, how many nights per week are YOU on Prime Time?

Stay strong


I'm on at least two times a week, and I read pt from the day before to catch on. I don't post much though, maybe because I don't know what to ask specifically. When I do, I tend to be too broad in the spectrum of my question.


i look everynite and frequently browse.


I'm on T-Nation everyday, throughout the day and night. I'm on so much, I should be on the payroll. And considering I need a job, maybe I should apply and move the hell out of this town where I can't find work that will pay worth a shit.

Besides actually lifting and going out on the weekends, this is my only other stress relief from my shitty-ass existence I call my life.


Damn bro, as Pac would say, "Keep Yo Head Up!"

You seem like a good guy, maybe you just need to find something that inspires you to new levels.

Stay strong


Damn bro, just POST! We are here to help you, no matter how simple or difficult the issues may be.

Stay strong


You can only tread water for so long until your arms and legs get too tired...I've been trying to keep my head up since the beginning of the year when things went to shit and have continued to do so.

If my training wasn't going well right now, I would not have anything good going for me. Yep...it's really that bad.



I wish you the best brother; trust me, we've all been there at some point in time. Do your best to find the things that keep your energy positive and yourself motivated.

If there's anything I can do, let me know!

Stay strong


I post on Prime Time when I can. I post a lot during the day cause I'm around. Prime Time hours I'm much more likely to be out or doing something. But if I have a question or need help with something, I always make sure to find time and stop in to post. And I'll look through the Prime Time threads the next day if I missed it, and I always learn something!


I'm trying bro, I'm trying.

Thanks for listening. Today was a day I definitely needed to vent.

Anyone know of any job openings in PR/Communications???? :wink:


Nate, sorry to hear that things are still so tough. Keep on truckin.




Yes, we are a helpful bunch, aren't we? LOL

Stay strong


PT for me in eastern Australia is actually 9am - 12 noon when I'm at work, so I have to squeeze in any questions very quickly. I then read all of the responses during my lunch break or later that night. I usually check in every day. If you don't see me pop up with questions it means work is flat out, which it has been for the past month.




PT is usually at the time im away from my PC. i tend to ask about 2% of the questions i have because im THE question machine and im sure i could agitate the hell outa everybody here if i asked them all.


I usually cruise through Mon-Wed. I'm a trainer at a gym and I often spend my downtime lurking at T-Nation, learning things to help the members of the club (and of course myself) and rationalizing spending time here as legitimate use of hours or something along those lines.


MR- Dud I love Prime Time, it is a great idea, but for those of us who live across the ocean, it is hard to post while you guys are open for biz.
Personally i live in japan, and it is near impossible for me to be able to post during PT; I probily speak for a good portion of the people from the OZ and, Japan, Mid-East, and most of europe. That being said I do read them the next day however, and they rock.
Keep up the good work


I read as much of the PT as I can throughout the day, but can't always get on during the "peak hours". I'd probably try to post more questions, but I feel a bit guilty. T-Nation offers so much free advice already...why should I ask busy pros like you to spend even more time considering a question from little old me? I feel a bit like a goldfish asking a Great White "So, dude, what's it like eating people?" Anyone know what I mean?

P.S. - Coach Robertson, any chance you're next in line for a Double Tap interview??!!??


I check them out prety frequently, usualy 3 nights per week. The past couple of questions I asked were answered very well and I am currently using the advice. If I haven't said so yet- Thanks a million to Thibs and Waterbury.


I think Prime Time is an awesome idea, however I haven't had the occasion to use it yet. I'm still working my way through the archives, lifting hard in the gym, eating like it's my job, and doing my best to recover. I haven't really gotten stuck yet in progress or had any specific questions that I couldn't already find a place for the answer without having to post my ignorance for all to see (not that that would stop me if I couldn't find the answer).

However, all I've been doing is basic mass/strength building programs working my way through all the contributers' best ones. I figure when I actually get to something more challenging (O or P-lifting, etc) or I get stuck then I'll ask for advice. I hate wasting time, but I figure in the long run learning on my own is more beneficial - but eventually there will be a time-value point at which it would be too much to figure it out on my own - then you guys will be hearing from me.

I mean there's seriously so much information on this website (as well as others) that I haven't not found an answer that I was looking for. But I hope to get so advanced that I will start using it! T-Nation rules!