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T-Nation Fantasy Football Thread


For any of you out there that are also fantasy football addicts like myself, lets use this thread as a discussion board for our fantasy football seasons. We can discuss drafting strategies and trade ideas as well as have a healthy banter back and forth about our teams and who's hot.

Our pre-season meeting is going to be tonight where we will discuss and vote on several issues like going to a keeper league or staying with the current format and also what the payouts will look like, i.e. bigger playoff money, no weekly winners, or weekly top dogs and smaller playoffs.

Our leage is a one QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/SP. Half a point per reception makes some of the reception backs look a lot more valuable, plus there is a healthy bonus for long touchdowns which makes players like moss a goldmine.

The biggest problem I face is that our league is 14 teams deep, and they are all very good owners. No one makes a stupid pick, and a player rarley falls a round under what he should. This year at running back could be quite a bit different. There are several "old" backs who are very solid that could have terrible years due to thier declining age and there are at least 6 or 7 who are rookies or 2nd year players who have a ton of potential but are largely untested as a workhorse.

Lets hear some of your ideas and who you guys think is a best bet for this season. Personally, even though I am a broncos fan, I think Tatum Bell would be a very good 1st round back, and if you guys have him fall to you in the second round, you had best snatch that boy up. Bell may be better than portis physically and we all know what portis did in denver. I also think Mccalliser is going to have an absolute monster season.



14 teams in the league? Tough. I would draft 2 RBs first. LT, J Jones, K Jones, all good picks in my opinion. Bell is tough considering you don't know what Denver gonna do. They haven't had that one back since Davis. I always stock up on RBs since they score the most pts for you. So I would pick 4 RBs my first 4 picks, then QB or a good WR. If Gates or Tony still on the board, I'll grab one of them after my RBs. Defense are the toughest, I always pick them near the end. So far I do alright. I usually have about 20 fantasy teams and come in 1st on most of the leagues.


DAMN thought someone was starting T-Fantasy Fball league

Oh well.


To many managers waters the teams down. I play Yahoo! fantasy football. There are 10 teams in a public default league. I went undefeated last season until the last week since most of my players didn't need to play. However I barrled right through the playoffs for the Championship.


Think my fantasy teams will go up. Might have 50 teams by the time season starts. nfl.com, and espn.com are offering free fantasy teams this year.