T-Nation Fantasy Football League

Following Rainjack’s baseball lead, I have created a Fantasy Football league on Yahoo! just for us. There is a 12 team limit, so first come, first served.
To sign up, go to Yahoo! fantasy sports. The league ID# is 340585 and the password is football.

It’s free.

I’m in.

At least I know more about it than baseball. . .

BTW, team name is The Holdouts.

Thanks for setting this all up!

great i want in too

I am in… Shadow Stalkers.

when i try to enter the info it says

“There was a problem:
? This league is not registered in this game. (Error #272)
? This league is from the free game. (Error #271)”

Autopick draft? Can we do a live one?

I am coaching the aptly named Poo-Flinging Monkeys.

[quote]Mack wrote:
Autopick draft? Can we do a live one?[/quote]

i agree

[quote]getgot211 wrote:
Mack wrote:
Autopick draft? Can we do a live one?

i agree[/quote]

I agree. If possible, I think a live draft would be preferable to an autodraft.

Live-drafting is preferable, but then we have to coordinate schedules, which I’m sure will be tricky. Whatever you want Commish!

My Monkeys are reading to start slingin’ some stinky projectiles…

Got room for another team?


I would have loved to do a live draft, but it is a logistic nightmare seeing as we all live across the map.
It looks like the league is all se and full, so I am setting the draft status to “ready to draft”. It should draft around midnight.

Before we get too far along, everyone post what your team name is. I’m lost trying to figure it all out.

As noted earlier, my team is The Holdouts.

Good luck (to no one but me).

Mine is Shadow Stalkers.

Mine is Churchhill’s Parrot.