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T-Nation Fantasy Football League

I know I’m a relative newcomer to the site, but I thought it’d be cool to set up a fantasy football league. I set up the league using Yahoo. It’s totally free, but bragging rights will of course be expected.

It’ll be an AutoPick draft due to so many different factors in getting a good live draft time, so if you want to join, make sure and rank your players how you wish.

Max number of teams is 10, so if you want to join, join quick cause I have no idea how fast it may/may not fill up. Here’s the information to join the group. PM me if you have any questions.

Site-Yahoo, 2008 Free Fantasy Football
League ID# 533838
League Name- TestosteroneJunkies
Password- squats

I’m in

I signed up. haha im using the team name “Dbols Destroyers”

im in, now theres 4. . .

im in also… Extend

I’m in.

I’m in, I vote we do a manual draft.

[quote]Mack wrote:
I’m in, I vote we do a manual draft.[/quote]

It would be nice but different work schedules, training schedules, and time zones make this a virtual impossibility

I would love too as well, but it’d be verrryyy hard to accomplish. The best case would be maybe 4 or 5 that could make the draft. Is that fair? I’m not going to say yes or no, if you guys want to try and do a manual draft it’d have to be Tues at the earliest.

Monday time slots are full, I just looked. If you WOULD like to vote for a manual draft, please give the BEST times for a draft and what time zone you’re in please.

We can put it out there and see if its possible. If not, just prerank your picks.

ill play if i get to draft my own cheerleaders, dibs on cheeta.

im available for manual draft any day, after 6:30 or 7pm pacific…

Ok, we have room for one more team. Make sure you pre-rank your players if you haven’t already done so.

Still an open spot if you’re interested in playing.

is it decided, will it be an auto-draft? when is that going to take place, how long do we have to pre-rank??

it’ll be an auto-draft. Still waiting on a tenth team. I work till 1130pm tonight Pacific time so assuming we have a tenth team by then, I’ll set the league as ready to draft after work and Yahoo will do it’s thing.

bump= still have one opening.

I’ll take the last spot.