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T-Nation Fantasy Baseball 2006

Hey everybody,

I don’t know if people are interested in another go at a T-Nation Fantasy Baseball league. Rainjack is a busy, busy man and doesn’t have time to be the Commish this year, but as the winner of last year’s league I thought I’d take it upon myself to start a league for this season.

Last season I was very generously awarded several hundred dollars worth of free supplements for my victory by TC and the gang. I can’t make any promises about this season, but you never know…

Please PM if you’re interested and I’ll send you the information. There’s a limited number of spots, so get in while you can!

Yeah, I’ll send the PM, but I just wanted to publicly join up (bump).

I just want to say all you assclowns from last year are going to pay for that travesty of a season. Slimjim has returned to lay down the law.

Still plenty of spots left.

Got to redeem myself from that middle of the pack finish.

Hey Vroom, I didn’t know Canadians knew how to play baseball, but then realized it was Red Sox players making all the noise yesterday, so it makes more sense…

This season I will be victorious!

Talking smack already are we?

[quote]vroom wrote:
Talking smack already are we?[/quote]

Last year we all kind of slacked off with the smack talk after week 5 or 6. It makes the game so much more fun!

If possible, I think we should try for a live draft this year.

I’m throwing my hat in the ring, again.

Still some spots left.

I’m in, and oh yeah it’s on.


I’m hooking all the players that get drafted onto my team with custom designer steroids…

I’m in. I don’t have the time to commish this year, but I have a team.

Did anyone save Mod Laurie a spot? Rumor has it she fashions herself a baseball aficionado.

I just fired a PM to alwyn96, so I hope there is still room for me. Last year I was an abomination and I need to redeem myself.


Still a few spots left…

Count me in!!

ok, last chance…

Alright you smack talking wannabee’s, prepare to be schooled!

Ok, if no one else is interested, I’m closing it up.