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T-Nation Fan at 36 Years Old


After years of just running or attempting to run, I finally joined a real gym in August 2014. I had some help from friends, a decent trainer, and all was going pretty well. In March, 2015, I moved to Malawi for six months. There, I only had a single barbell and three dumbbells. I started reading T-Nation and everything changed. I ‘discovered’ loaded overhead carries and that changed everything. I’m back in the US now and I’m finding ways to use my apartment gym creatively. I’m on the hunt for a good gym. The pics are my progress in the last year and a half.

My question! Other than taking Isopure for the first 2 months, I’ve taken zero supplements this entire time. I just eat a lot of food! I hate the idea of being dependent on supplements, but I need to change my attitude. What should I take?