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T-Nation - FACEBOOK?


Do any other college students here on T-Nation readers use Facebook.com? I started my own T-Nation Group at my school but have only got 3 members.. WTF??


on facebook but there isnt a T-Nation grp at my school...


I've got facebook but as far as I know there is only one other T-Nation reader at my school(WVU). PM if you want to be friends


same here @ u of i. our powerlifting club team won nationals @ reno, yet still no T-Nationers 'cept me.


I think that it is a waste of time. At least if I am perusing T-Nation I can get something out of it.

There are too many people in my grad. program (UK) that have lost many precious studying hours to staring at all the "neato" pictures on Facebook.


Hey Fedorov if that avatar's you (it's pale enough) then good progress.


i think i may be the only one at memphis that has even heard of T-Nation.


Use it. Created a T-Nation group (Yale Chapter).

No other members. Sigh.


If I've got your school correct from your screenname, there is now.

Oklahoma T-Nation Cell.


I"ll start one at my school... if anyone goes to USC join up :slight_smile:


Just started one at Cal Poly (SLO)

Join up if you're in the area.


I have Facebook... PM me for info :slightly_smiling:


You're a spoilt child, then! I should've guessed, Mr Nova...



Facebook is ok, at least its faster than myspace.

Ill have to check out Ohio States groups :slight_smile:


Yeah, that's me.. THANKS!


I would start the Eastern IL University chapter... but im afraid it would be just me in there chillin by myself...

I might do it after I take this F'n final though...


For you Facebook members, just send me a PM with your school and name & we can join each other's "Friends" list...

That way it will be easier to discuss T-Nation issues & questions we have..


federov - youve put some meat on them bones fella.


So I went and began the Memphis T-Nation cell after my D.E. final today. We'll see if there are any other readers of ol' T-Mag.

My thoughts? Doubtful - The two guys I frequently work out with (who are very devoted to iron) don't really use computers. Or type. Or have any idea what the "internet" is. Maybe there is hope though.


You Facebook junkies should also get on MySpace. For those of us no longer in school, we can't get on Facebook. But anyone can get on MySpace. We have a ton of T-Nation members on there. Come check it out yo!