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T-Nation Facebook Group



There is one and no one mentioned about it on the site?




No there's like a Facebook Group for T-Nationers...I feel left out for not knowing sooner.


If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know either.


I always thought facebook was decidedly un-"T".

That and if I got facebook, then it woudn't be funny when I'm leaving a party and girls say "hey, I'll message you on facebook, we should hang out. Tee hee." and I just nod and smile.

I might be partial but dosn't facebook just seem kind of weinery?


I use it solely to keep in touch with friends overseas.


It's for kids. I'm too old for it, and besides, I'm hiding from the Feds.


oh, we know where your at.....we always know.


Facebook is so yesterday.

In 2008 I'm launching a new social networking site called:


It's not what you think.
Nothing like 2GIRLS1CUP.COM not even like 2GUYS1CUP.COM

Just a bunch of good T-Men and T-Vixens enjoying humour and alcohol.


yeah, social networking is for pussies.



I'm not sure how sarcastic you meant to be. I understand that everything like this has a redeemable purpose and place, but I think a vast majority of people have the wrong intentions. Don't get me wrong I like calling my grandma every few weeks and making sure her dementia has creeped up on her too much.

I hate when I'm writing a paper and a freind starts IMing me because he was bored. He dosn't actually want to do anything, there is a good TV show on, he's just seeing what's up. I think over-communication is to blame for some people's weak communication skills. It also enforces poor relationship building. Everybody becomes pretty faceless ("face"book, is that irony?) when the are all your freinds for no reason. One of my best freinds dosn't have a phone or a computer, and I feel most connected to him. We had to actually foster a relationship. A concept mostly lost on todays college campuses.

But I could just be bitter or full of crap.


i'm in like 2 or 3 T-Nation groups



fixed that for you.


so pusharder, why dont you get a facebook?


Agreed. If you are over 25 and on MySpace or Facebook you are up to no good. Dateline NBC could very well be in your future.


Can we get TC to write the description???


TJN713, amazing avatar my friend!


I think people who get mad over facebook are weinery.


I don't have many freinds that lift, much less seriously lift. Being able to interact with people in whatever medium it requires with people who are like me is a plus.

That being said Facebook is mostly for kissy faced girl pictures and stalkers.


Oh of course, because you totally wouldnt want girls that were interested in hanging out with ever being able to actually contact you. Oh no, girls are so un-t.