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T-Nation Elections


Add a number to the number candidate

Obama 1





Pat - 1

The rest are bunch of lying dicks who can fuck themselves for what I care. But if I have to pick one, I guess it will be McCain for he does side with me one my one issue which is the pure source for where my vote goes.


If all candidates where promising to make abortions illegal the day they became president, what would your second issue be?

As for this thread, I'm Canadian, I don't get a vote.


I thought we were voting for President of T-Nation:

Pat 2


Oh, that's different then:

Headhunter 1

If only because I want to see how he manages to rule without ever compromising.


Pat 3.

Have to go with McCain.

Can't wait to see who pox endorses!!! The suspense!!!



Rainjack/ Zap VP



Kliplemet 1

And as of right now, McCain (though that could very well change to Obama tomorrow, and McCain again on Saturday).


I got HH jeffr and one other for McCain just quote and vote


I prefer my evil poison quick and effective. If you're gonna die, why drag it out?


Us Northern Folk love watching you Southern Folk and your elections. Just remember north of the 49th is ours, except that little piece you bought from the Russians. You do remember that place. The one your candidates never visit, oh lets not forget your pacific paradise, oh and Puerto Rico, and your eastern oil fields. I hope I didn't forget any place, it's hard to keep track.


I think streamline is speaking devil language.

Paul 1


Steamline you really need to move out of the dorms, your pushing 50, and your still using sheets as curtains.


It's not a curtain, it's his toreador cape. I'm telling you.


Sorry guys but growing up is growing old, and I don't plan on doing either. Besides being single means I get to do what ever I want, you just got to love it.


54'40" or fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ;D


54:40 great band, they're from the Island here, I really love their shit, they rock!!


i have no interest in voting for anyone other than RP


I'd vote for Pat. Pusharder as Vice President. The man knows vice.


EliteBalla For Pres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!