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T-Nation Drinking Songs

grab a drink and play LOUD!


The Finnish Drinking Song:


A personal favorite…

We climb the highest mountains,
just to get a better view.

We plumb the deepest oceans,
cause we’re daring through and through.

We cross the scorching deserts,
martini in our hands.

We ski the polar ice caps,
in tuxedo looking grand.

We are reckless, brave, and loyal,
and valiant to the end.

If you come in here a stranger,
you will exit as a friend.


CAnt beat the pogues for a few good drinking songs!

or a bit of christy

Any Dropkick Murphy song…EVER. Seriously like every song is built to drink to…wild rover (a man forfeits his wealth for a few drops of liquor), the Worker’s song (classic “fuck the politicians” song), or anything else. Or spicy McHaggis because…well just because.

Btw, they throw a fucking epic concert. Go if you have the chance and a soul to sell.

uber points to Pangloss and doogie, I was going to be disgusted if we made it out of the first page without one of them. Can’t pick an all-time fav. but…Here’s one of my favorites from the OTHER band we can’t leave the first page without hearing from. I know it’s “the one popular mainstream” song, but I just like it too damn much:

One of my fav. Dropkick songs. Total drinking song.

Every time birdy wins a soccer game…