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T-Nation: Don't Change a Thing

Hi, I am a recent convert from “Men’s Health”. I started to get more fit by subscribing to their magazine and site.

I recently found a link to T-Nation on their site and since, I just don’t go back. If you’ve seen their site, it so chocked-full of ads and gimmick-y type workout and bullshit. I’m sure they are making a killing in ad revenue, but their information is shit.

I’m so glad I found your site and so glad that it’s not full of stupid flash ads that fly across my screen and make me close them, or cover my whole screen until I click “Skip this stupid bullshit Ralph Lauren Ad >>”.

I love how your articles are no-bullshit, straightforward and to the point. I don’t have time to read a bunch of crap or click a million links to go to the next page full of ads to get a morsel of information.

I just wanted to say, I LOVE THIS SITE! Don’t change a thing!! You guys rock the house! I blasted my biceps yesterday, using one of your articles and have never felt this kind of soreness there. I must be doing something right! THANKS!!

Men’s health actually often has decent workouts, but yes the articles are better here and no ad problems.
Men’s health will often have a wider kind of health stuff than here (or at least they used to), but it’s not really worth the money to see the occasional study that is interesting.

I say that above because you get men’s health bashing a lot, and the problem generally is with the readers rather than a lot of articles.

[quote]geagon wrote:
I did 20 rep squats, then I blasted my biceps yesterday…[/quote]

Fixed. :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to join the bash club… It’s just frustrating to pay for a subscription to a bunch of ads. This site rocks is the real point of my post :slight_smile: You are right, I find a good morsel in MH here and there. I just like the no B.S. approach a lot better. We Americans see enough ads I think.