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T-Nation Dentists?


Have been shooting for dental school for 2 years now, took my DAT and did well and my grades are good so I stand a good chance of getting in. Is anyone here a dentist that actually trains and maintains a healthy lifestyle? do you have time to train and can you set your schedule to accommodate still trying to build your physique?

I know dental school will be a bitch so I would like to hear what and how that affects your training and body composition, and how much ass you pulled from the hygienists since you were no doubt in the minority of anyone remotely buff or inshape in your class.


You can't manage your time BEFORE you're even in dental school?!

Maybe you're not cut out for this.


(Es a joke)



^^his conditioning was off


I think ProfX is a dentist, and he's recently started his own practice too.


LOL rrjc...

Prof. X is a dentist, ask him bout it.


Dental school is a breeze with the right supplements, br0.


How's your Zerker Exodontia form?


Can't think of any...


there are no dentists on T-Nation. In fact, you've been around since 2002, there's no way you ever seen one person post on these forums that is a dentist, unpossible.


We are sorely lacking in the following demographics at T-Nation: a.) dentists b.) African Americans c.) members who actually look like they work out.

Imagine how hilarious it would be if a big, black dentist signed up? Odds are probably a billion to one, but still...


I don't think such individual exists.
Let's call it "Subject X" meanwhile.


There is only one dentist on here.









^^ Hahahaha yes!

EDIT: This post was in reference to DJ's pic... but TBG's post was funny too




Well if he's a dentist then he's a doctor wouldn't that also make him say a professor? We should call him "Professor X" naw that's too silly


Who the hell calls a doctor a professor? haha

Edit: and who the hell calls a dentistsa doctor..

<- avid anti-dentite


Yeah, that's like calling a chiropractor a doctor instead of a quack.