T_Nation credo excellent morals?

Riddle me this: how can a T-Man espouse excellent morals while implicitly or explicitly encouraging the use of controlled substances, illegal activities?

Is this because not everything that is “wrong” illegal, as not everything that is in fact illegal necessarily “wrong”?


First off, I think most will agree that a lot of laws concerning the relevant controlled substances are just plain stupid, but I guess we shouldn’t go ignoring laws just because they were made by uninformed legislators. A smartass way to look at it is that you aren’t breaking the law until you get caught, and then, if you get caught, you pay the penalty, so you’ve followed the law. Kind of like speeding.

You are correct. Whether something is legal or not has no bearing on whether it is moral. Morality speaks to ethics. Legality speaks to government control of individual actions. Thankfully, most illegal things are also immoral. But a lot aren’t. It is illegal to give head in VA. But it is not immoral.

Is it illegal to cheat on your wife?

The point is, immoral actions are not always illegal, and illegal actions are not always immoral.

Steven Seagal movie, for example…is it illegal for him to bomb a company that dumps toxic waste because the government isn’t doing anything about it? Yes. Is it immoral? I don’t think so.

As far as steroid use goes, I am against it; I do not think roiders are immoral, even though I do not respect people who will ruin their lives because of large amounts of roids. If a father gets himself killed because of a heart attack caused by roids leaving his children and wife to fend for themselves, then it is immoral. If a 25 yo unattached guy decides to get jacked and use roids, hey, who can seriously blame him? The only one he’s hurting is himself, seeing as how he would probably have no dependents. If he decides to fuck himself over, it doesn’t matter. Unless you think suicide is immoral, but that’s a whole nother story.

The reality is, most people use small amounts of steroids so that they usually won’t suffer major side effects. The ones that are dumb enough to kill themselves with roids, well, who cares?

So it’s immoral for a father to jeopardize his health through steroid use? So is eating an unhealthy diet while being a parent immoral?

Just like with steroids, it depends HOW unhealthy the diet is. If it’s just your every day, run-of-the-mill unhealthy, then not really, because (a) the people usually don’t know any better (b) they’re likely gonna die after the time their kids are independents.

Of course, if they’re 600lb tubs of lard who are heart attacks waiting to happen…

remember that are laws are fought in court. and the court is a court of law not justice. Don?t get morals wrong. Just as my favorite bumper sticker says. “slavery was legal too at one time” (referencing abortion)?Just because it is illegal or legal does not mean it is moral or immoral.

Don’t you just love how there are always other people who think their way is so correct that they have the right to force it down everyone elses throats? I believe that I am the one who is ultimately responsable for what I decide to do. Be it good for me or bad for me, and I do not like some elected loony who lives in air conditioned splendor at the expense of others telling me how to live or what to do. As soon as one of those clown figures out a way to die for me when it’s my time to go then I’ll gladely let them tell me how to live. Until then, I’m a big boy and I’ll decide how I want to live for myself- thank you.

 U want morals? go to ur local church. testosterone is dedicated to the education and information of a bodybuilder, nothing more, nothing less. illegal or not, what matters is fact, not tabboo. testosterone is a resource, not a preacher. we're not here for values, we're here to, woe is me, educate ourselves, so we can be bigger, meaner, and leaner. That and the regular t-vixen

If we use the example of steroids, or any other drug, the victim in any offence is always the statute-not a person. Therefore you could say no person is harmed directly through a bodybuilder’s steroid use or trafficking.